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Chemical sinus burn

Dr. Guy:
My husband suffered a chemical burn of his entire sinus cavity due to inhalation at a factory.  This is a one-time event which occurred twenty years ago.  He continues to suffer with severe head and eye pain, light sensitivity.  It seems to worsen based on weather changes also. His quality of life continues to be severely hindered.  We had looked into options 15 years ago, but with little luck, gave up.  We found you on the Vanderbilt website as well as this one.  We live in Kansas City, but would be willing to travel to Vanderbilt if you felt there was some hope.  What would you suggest?  Are there any new treatment regimens for this?  Is there someone you would suggest in Kansas City?  If Vanderbilt is the best option....how do we contact your department?  

Looking for some help....

Linda from KC
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This is a unique problem.   A burn to a sinus cavity would typically fall under the speciality of ENT surgery.  That is where I would start.  
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