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Facial Burn Peeling

About  36 hours ago i burned my face by being stupid (i was too close to some black powder when I touched it off). From what I can gather most of the burn (if not all) is very shallow in nature. I've been applying antibiotic ointment roughly every 4 hours along with an aloe vera gel. I didn't go in to see anyone but was able to immediately treat the burn with cool water. In about 4 hours after the incident, I had no more pain from the burn and now my burned skin is beginng to peel. My question is: what should I expect now that my burned skin is sloughing off and what should i do at this point?
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Keep the burn moist.  Aloe vera gel is great. Keep clear with dial soap.  If you have pain in your eyes you need to have an eye doctor examine your eyes to assure you did not scratch the cornea.   Most of these heal very well.  
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