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Lab. Mistake HCL acid inhale

Hello !!

Am not sure if this is the right place to post this question

I had a 24 hour urine test the other day and I was not given any instruction by the lab . The container I was provided with had an acidic preservative which I accidentally inhaled/breath its vapor. This caused a very bad irritation in my lungs and throat , and I have been told that it might have caused burns or something in my respiratory system .

Please give me your comment and opinion in this as am really worried .

Also , I know this might not be related to this forum , but I have been told later that I should have urinated in a small cup first during the test not directly to the container . would it cause any health issues that i urinated directly into the container ?

Thank you very much
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Inhalation of acid can cause severe inhalation injuries;however, a preservative that you described is not strong enough to cause you the harm that worries you.  
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