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bacon grease

was cooking bacon on a small grill & was just starting to scrape off the grease & residue off it like I've done a hundred times without incident. I got distracted & boom all the grease and stuff was all over my forearm. I couldn't get to the water right away . I looked at it and there was a lot of the black residue on the burn.
I finally got to the water and could see a lot of red and then had one very big area right in the center of the burn that was already blistering.  This was on the labour day long weekend.
I never did go to the doctor about it but kept it very clean and found these burn pads at the pharmacy. They really helped reduce the pain and insured that it was clean and covered so I wouldn't get more burns.
It's been nearly two months now and of course I have several brown scars from it.
What is troubling me now is there is a small bump right in the centre of the burned area. It's sort of hard like a wart but still quite small. It is where  the worst of the burn was now.
Will this continue to get bigger? Is is something from the burn or something completely unrelated?
Also there was a spot that got me on the chest about three inches below the throat. I ignored this part most of the time due to the pain and severity on my arm.
It now has the feel and appearance of a wart and is larger than what is on my arm.
It's raised and rough.  I am wondering if this is anything related to the burn. It's very strange. Some have told me it's scar tissue forming.
Could that be the case? Will it grow and get worse? It's in a bad spot where I usually wear a necklace and it does look bother me. But it's more looks related than a pain issue. There is no pain there. I have scratched at it and can feel bits of it fall under my fingernail.
Is there something I can do to get rid of the spot on my chest or will I have to live with it? It's quite red compared to the scars on my arm which are more purple brown colour.
Thanks for any light you can shed on my situation.

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Grease burns almost always cause third degree burns.  What I hate about the burns you describe is that you that they create these small splatter type injuries.  The thick raised areas that you described sound like they are in the deepest areas.  These are called hypertrophic scars.  These wounds/scars will change their appearance over the next 12 to 18 months.  What we do with people with large areas is to place these areas in pressure garments.  What this does is does is organizes the fibers of the scan known as collagen.  Imagine you drop a box of tooth picks on a table.  The toothpicks will be in a disorganized pile.  If you apply some pressure with you hand, the pile will become flat and organized.  Apply pressure to a scar has similar effects.   Having said that, it is very hard to that in small splatter burns that you are describing.  If after 18 months you are unhappy with the result or appearance you can seek a surgeon for a scar revision.  I would not do that before 12 to 18 months because the scars will change their appearance to the point that you find them less bothersome.  
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