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burns from fever?

My infant broke out with a fever which reached 104.9.  I realized the severity 1 day later as I did not have a thermometer on hand and I thought it could be from teething.  He is about 6 months old, no cough, no runny nose, no vomitting, no diarhhea.  Just a fever.  When I was able to purchase the thermometer I did a rectal reading and it came out 104.9F.  My infant is at a sitter throughout the night as these are the hours I work.  During the day I sleep and I always have him next to me which brings me to my question.  Can an infant break out with blisters such as those obtained from a burn when they get a temperature fever?  I know he did not get burned when he was home with me and my sitter insists that he did not get burned while in my care, yet I wonder.  But the blisters seemed to start with a red patch about half the size of my palm on the left side of his forehead and moved to his whole forehead and by day 3 blisters broke out.  The blisters are anywhere from the size a pencil tip to the size of a 2 inch pencil.  I have never heard of anything like this before.  The father and I are no longer together and do not communicate well to where I can ask him about anything hereditary.  I am from Guam and the father is from Chuuk.  I controlled the fever when I took his temperature I immediately gave him silipap drops for infants and put him in a water bath.  His fever is no longer present but I just can't stop wondering about the blisters.  Do you have any insight on this case?  Any kind of information will do.  I have not been able to bring him to a doctor because we do not have medical insurance and do not make much of an income. The hospital here pretty much hassles us about it and then I feel as if we are underpriveleged so I do what I can on my own.  I am aware of all the patient rights and know them by heart but the health care professionals here don't seem to go by them.
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Based on what you are telling me I don't think these are burns.  Fevers this high are often the result of a viral infection and such infections can be associated with a skin condition / rash similiar to what you describe.  

I am sickened about your inability to get access to the care you need.  Call you local health department and ask for a list of free clinics in your area.

Most communities have clinics where patients can get access to care and where doctors still remember what it means to be a doctor.  This child need to be evaluated.  Fevers this high can cause seizures.  
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