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A christian life style/Movie roles!!

Should a christian that has been born again & has accepted christ as their lord n saviour continue 2 do movies that are not of the light! The reason why i say this is because there are some famous actors/actresses out there that play these roles in movies such as sex scenes, gay scenes, vulgar language etc> & they say that it is only acting! That maybe true but it is still real life not some dream! Once 1 has come n2 Gods kingdom all old things are passed away! I see a lot of good christian movies out there that these people could play! But that goes 2 that ol saying some people are not just willing 2 let go of this worldly stuff yet!!!
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I say no. Once they've decided to follow Christ they represent Christ in all they do and they wouldn't want to do anything to tarnish that name or cause shame or embarrassment. I also know actors who have refused to do movies involving nudity or anything else that would reflect on their role as a Christian. Kirk Camaron is one I can think of off hand. He refuses to even kiss another woman in a movie since he got married and became a born again Christian! They have to use a stand in and lower the lights to make it look like him. No kidding!
People look up to actors as role models. It would be wise for them to remember that and try to uphold a good name for themselves and who they represent.
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Amen april well said! Kirk cameron is one of a few that has left that lifestyle 4 good! I watch him sometimes on the way of the master! But their are some out there that claim 2b christians that say what they are doing is ok! As a matter of fact they whould go as far 2 say God has blessed me with this talent! That maybe true God has blessed them with that talent but he wants us 2 use it in the right way!  There is no way that i can say that i love God & do movies that i would not want my kid watching! That should sum it up right there! But there are some christians out there & i wont say any names that compromise what they do!!!
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To add a little different view- I was listening to an interview and a local Christian radio station about a new christian movie comming out called something like " the adventures of mr spinly or something like that w/ gavin mcloud from the loveboat. He said in that interview that only two other actors in the whole film were saved.
If Christian movies are being made it only makes sense to have saved actors and directors. The whole feeling on the set would awesome.  Maybe it`s just me .................
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I agree that they should only have actors and directors who really are Christians but there is more pressure I would think... like acting good and all that in a movie makes you seem perfect.... and you have to really consider what you're doing outside of your acting. I'm probably not making much sense but I know what I'm saying! lol

And Kirk Cameron is amazing! :D
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i agree when you accept Christ as your savior you are a NEW person...the old ways are suppost to be gone\\

the nerw movie brrad is talking about is called the life of jonathan sperry  TBN is help producing it
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The movies with sex scenes, I can't see a Christian doing and feeling comfortable about it.
To tell you the truth, I wonder how any actors can work together become friendly on set and then in a bed scene together over and over and spend time rehearsing lines, getting closer and closer and then a sex scene again. That has to affect them. I can't see how it wouldn't.

That can't be good for a marriage and lets face it lots of Hollywood people leave their spouses for the people they had these roles with. And Christians aren't any different. I don't think we would be able to do sex scenes and not have it affect our marriage - so even if the Christian actor saw nothing wrong with accepting the role,,,,,for their marriage sake alone, they should refuse it.
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The Life of Jonathan Sperry? Doesn't it have that old guy who was famous for sex scenes or something in the 80s?? I'm going to look this up.

A few weeks ago, in the leadership program I'm involved in at school, we did a movie discernment thingy... It really made me think about the movies I watch and what they're trying to get across. For example, Shark Tale.... I saw that when I was nine and I would never have guessed it was supposed to be about homosexuality.
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Amen Sis n brothers! Either we will sell out 4 Christ or not @ all! Myown you made a good point. Movie roles like that will effect a marriage I don't care what anyone says! There are good movies out there 4us like left behind. So theses so called christians need 2 stop making excuses! I'd rather them say i'm not ready 2 give up the world yet!
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