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Isaiah 54:17; No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment Thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of Me, saith the LORD.

Hi; I'm 48 & my husband is 51. We already have 2 grown boys (27 & 22). We have been trying since September 1991; So it's been 10 years. Throughout this time it has been a roller coaster & every time I want to give up, I think of my babies that God has promised me. Yes; it's in His time & not mine. I think about them & their names (yes, He's giving me twins). I love them already. They are very real to me which helps me get through & keep believing God because I know He is not a liar. I get so excited when I think about them & how to raise them. I can't give up because I know the contribution they WILL have in this world. And I truly love God for loaning them to me and I want to raise them in a way that pleases Him. Like I said before, throughout the 10 years, it has been a bumpy road. There have been several times I thought I was pregnant only to find out I wasn't. This year was the hardest because in March & October I truly thought I was pregnant. I was so disappointed I almost gave up. But God reminded me of His promise. So if you are trying & believe this is God's will for you; DON'T GIVE UP. I have already started decorating their room. Believe me, I am not being delusional; but I have real faith in the God in Heaven, who is the Father of my Lord, Jesus Christ. God didn’t promise me life would be easy; but He did promise me to bring me through EVERY trial. And guess what, He does. Every time I get down, He’s there. Every time I get doubtful, He’s there. I have never experienced a greater joy than having Him in my life. He is my true Joy & Comforter. I could not have made it through this process without Him. He gets ALL glory, honor & praise. Thank You Jesus & I love You.  
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Hi Godisfaithful,

It's good to see someone with such a strong faith! I do hope you are careful to make sure you are actually hearing from God and not what your heart is wanting so bad. Keep praying and asking God what His will is. It's even possible that He'd like you to foster or adopt a child or children. There are so many out there that desperately need a loving home such as yours. I hope that should God decide not to bless you with any more biological children that you will not let that hurt your faith. God is good and faithful, yes, but sometimes He does say no, but only because He has something even greater planned for us. :)

I pray everything works out for the best, for you all and for God's glory.

Peace and blessings!

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Oh, I'm also glad to see someone that is a true believer.  I think one of the hardest things to understand about God is that sometimes our plans do not match his.  I've had such disappointment in life even though I have every faith in the Lord and have had to surrender control to God.  Sometimes what I desired so much just wasn't happening and I was put in a position of wondering why. Sometimes I found a lesson I was suppose to learn or a new way of thinking about something.  I've taken great loss and turned it into a way to show others suffering great loss empathy. I've found new directions to go in with my life.  

I do not know what God has in store for you and wish you what your heart desires.  But look for what else that God is giving you from this experience.  I wish you peace in your heart and continued faith on  your journey.  
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