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Do you have a special place you go to really seek God

Do you have a special place to go, when you really need to seek God? The picture that I have at the top of the forum page was taken on a mountain top here close to my home. That is where I go when I really need to be alone, aand seek the Lord to praise Him, worship Him and have a intimate talk with Him. I take praise music, listen and sing, start praying and wait to hear from our wondeful Lord. there are times He talks to me right away, and there are times I sit and just mediatate and then He will speak to me. I know some people have prayer closet, or a special room in there house. I spent so much time in the outdoors and in the woods that I just feel this is the place where I can connect and really talk with Jesus. I would like to hear from my brothers and sisters here in the forum where that special place is for you...God Bless...brian
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My special place is my bedroom every night as I go to bed, I first thank Him for the gift of life, daily bread, roof over head, family, etc. I praise Him as my God and then I pray for the deceased, my mom, decease in purgatory, the sick, protection of the children, family, then at the very end present my need.  I'm Catholic so I recite the Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy prayer. I also have the entire bible on DVD, which I watch as much as I can.  God bless....Judy
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I thought it over and decided that I don't have a particular place I always go.  I reach out whereever I am ....talk in the car, outside, in the basement....kneeling in prayer over the edge of the bed.  

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Wow Brian that is near your home lucky you ! beyond beautiful.

Ever since I was a child when I really want to feel or pray very hard I look at the sky, its so big, it never ends , its so beautiful it makes me feel close to God. When I was really young and there was clouds that parted and a stong beam of sun came through. I thought that was the entrance to Heaven. Who knows ? But the answer to your question for me is the sky day or night. The night sky wow...ever really stop and look and think all the stars all the beauty. How could any one doubt ,Praise him, Holy Holy is his name !
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