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.The big question is why am i in so much pain? three months after my surgery on my back, which was suppost to make me better; but now i am ten time worse then before. My doctor tells me over and over that i will heal and some people take longer then other. The type of pain that i am having is unreal. The surgery was march the third. I had a large herniated lumbar disc, lumbar stenosis, spondylolethiasis, and a L4 to S1 fusion. Two days after surgery the doctor sent me to a nursing home i was there for thirty days, then april the third thet kick me out ;  the nursing home the doctor that was in the nursing home and some of the nurses said that i was not ready to leave yet; but because of the insurance company, but it really didn't matter, because they only walk me six times the whole time and it i was suppost walk every day. To make matter worse they had me on every pain meds you could think of and then send me home with nothing. And between the doctors and the pharmacy i had no pain meds for two weeks; it was like being under rubble waiting for help and when i did get it did not work. The pain got so bad i had to go back to the hospital for a week and they only pump me with all kinds of drugs, setroids, iv morphine and pill morphine,vicodin,valium,lortab,tramadol,gabapentin. He was just trying to get me out of pain then send me home. Then two days the pain was back i went to see him and he gave me RX of oxy 60mg twice aday on the other stuff but told me to stop the morphine. this last time that i was in the hospital they did a mri and ct.One doctor said everything looks alright then another doctor said that there is a bluge in between L4 and L5 and that may be causing some of this pain and does not know what else can be making this pain that bad. I think he does know but not telling me i am only 43 years old. And i am so afraid that i am going to be like this for ever. what should i do? HELP PLEASE DIANA

                                                                                     THANK YOU JESUS FOR EVERYTHING YOU PULL
                                                                                         ME THROUGH. GOD'S CHILD
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I read both of your posts. I'm so sorry you're going through all of this. I know unrelenting pain can get to anyone after awhile. I will pray that the Lord will relieve you of the pain and bring perfect healing. I understand back surgery is one of the riskiest and also hardest to heal from but with the Lord all is possible and He is our great physician and healer.

Hang in there and keep turning to the Lord. He promises to never leave nor forsake us. He does not promise who won't have hardships or trials, in fact He promises we will indeed have those as long as we live here on earth but He does promise to always walk with us through our hard times and bring us His peace and comfort.

I pray you will be feeling better real soon! God bless you.
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I know that I will make it through these hard times, I do have faith, been through alot worse and I am still here by the faith that I have, sometimes it really does get hard ; but i keep on hanging on I am stronger then I think. Thank you for you prayers.

                                      You Have A Very Bless Day
                                        From Michigan
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Trials are there for a reason to make us stronger in faith.

Some may not have these trials but who knows what they may experience in the future.

Like a zoo animal that needs to jump through a hoop, if they miss they still have to jump through the hoop before they put it up higher. Sometimes the same experiences happen so we learn and advance. Our faith becomes stronger and we learn to lean on him and listen.

I'm so glad your positive about all this. It's really hard but you will be rewarded one day and you WILL see your loved ones again when Jesus comes. Isn't that wonderful! God is always a prayer away and hes always with you. I will be praying for you too and remember to pray and do your devotions. Make friends with your fellow believers they can help you with your walk..

So keep on keeping on, Take care of yourself please and may God bless you!
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Would you consider a second opinion for another professional? The Lord works in mysterious ways. I would get a second opinion and we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recover.
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oh I'm sorry, I must have posted in the wrong post before. Oops and sorry...

But for you I would keep praying and have faith that God will put his healing hands upon you. Please know that God cares deeply for situation and is with you as you go through it..

Like Judy I would look for a second opinion for another professional. God works through people like doctors, so I think maybe you should pray that God will direct you to the right person so can help.

Anyways, sorry for posting that earlier - it wasn't meant for you :s. Anyways, I will pray for your situation and please keep your head up, lean on Jesus!
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its ok they are both uplifting and thank you , that the more things that happens the stronger your faith gets well atleast mine does. I got the message bt misstake but if you think maybe god put it there for a reason; it help

                                    Thank you and god bless you
                                        your friend in michigan
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yes my lawyer wants me to see his doctor, see if people start suing these doctors more offten there will be less misstake; you think, to most of these doctors its about the buck. these well my doctor that did my surgery has two offices and alot of patients and he own part in the metal they put in people like i have five screws , rod and cage and sometimes he has three surgeries in one day; my was a six hour surgery and the one before me me. The last thing that I remember is the young doctor face sweat coming down and his face and it was flush, I was OH MY GOD THIS MAN IS ABOUT TO CUT ON ME. ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!! They should pass a law only surgery a day caan be done with the brain ,heart , spine
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