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Please Help!!!!! Please.......Thank you!

I feel so bad, and don't understand what is going on. I feel ugly on the inside, because lately I've been feeling like I have so much irritation/rage built up inside me I can't take it anymore. I need to release those feelings and I don't really know how. I believe it is because I'm mad at myself, either that or all of my repressed emotions/feelings i have held deep inside over the years, have came to the surface at once. I don't really know how to describe how I feel, it is a terrible feeling like I at war with myself. Please help me. How do you forgive yourself and move on? I thought I already have, but I shouldn't be feeling like this. This is terrible. I pray that I will wake up, and not feel like this. Why am I struggling with my thoughts and emotions like this. I'm upset at myself about that. I feel like I'm upsetting the Dear Lord God with how I act at times. Please help me, somehow. Thank you! I greatly appreciate it!
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I`ve been where you are I think, the Lord Jesus loves you the same( as much ) no matter what you do or think he and hes love doesnt change even if we do so, hes the the same today tomorrow and forever ,

And you know He is God Almighty and God is love.

Try this lay down and meet the feelings, feel how horrible they are observe them they want last for more than tops 15 minuts they cant kill you or make you insane even if you think they will, instead you might very well get an answer that something in your live isn`t as it ought to be.

I did that and still do often, first time was scary indeed but I`ve got some answers,  it could be that someone else has influenced you to think wrong
Like in my case, my ex girlfriend, mother of my three children. I had let her deside what was right and disqaulified my intuition and you know every person has the right to trustonce own gutfeelings even if theyre wrong, Which i didn´t dare to do for many years , which made me more and more insecure as  the years went by. It was a big relief to figure that out for me.

Letting someonels dictate whats right for you, thats just horrible.

Sometimes when i`m in severe anguish its turn out to be nothing at all just paranoia and noia is noia nothing real so when I meet it it vanish very fast sometimes in less then a minut.

So my advise to you ( if you let me advise you) is dont pray that you will wake up, and not feel like this.
Meet it instead let it get as worse it can and just decide that you gonna feel and check it out no matter how terrible it will get.

God bless you dear sister,hope this can help you,

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Hi. If you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, you can believe He can heal you. 1st you have to stop beating yourself up because that is what satan wants you to do. When you beat yourself up, you are not allowing God to heal you. You have to stand in faith. Also, read the Bible. I have been delivered from so much by reading His Word and through praying. The Lord Jesus delivered me from a curse of witchcraft my biological father's mother put on my mother while I was in her womb. That was 49 years ago... I am healed in Jesus Name... I still have struggles in certain areas, but He is with me through them all. If you lack in faith, ask Him to give you more. Believe for your healing. Be blessed...
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