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Pray for me please...full of anger, stress, and anxiety!

Can you all really pray for me...I am going through a tough time right now....struggling w a lot of stress, anxiety, and anger. Can you just please pray that God removes these strongholds over my life and give me peace please? I have been praying constantly myself, but they say where two or more gather in His name...He is there too :) also, pray for a job interview that I had on Monday...if I got this job this would totally make me so happy! Thanks in advance to all who will pray for my request...totally appreciate it.
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Candygram, keep praying ,honey. Keep relying on Him. I will continue to pray with you ;D
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Will add you to my prayer list.  God does answer prayer.  Not always the way or when we want.   have several examples of his love and kindness to me over the years.
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thanx a lot guys! i totally appreciate it!! God Bless :-)
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