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What new truths have you found in the Bible recently?

What new truths have you found in the Bible recently? What was it and was it hard to accept this new truth?

Sometimes new truth is something we've read before but didn't quite understand until recently or perhaps something else brought that truth to life. Even the answer to something as simple as a passage in the Bible or the concept of forgiveness can come to us unexpectedly in life...

Take this example: Recently someone said that they had just started going to church and went in their average joe clothing - jeans and t-shirt and said that God SHOULD accept that, because at least they were going to church. At work that week, he had to meet with a boss at the university about maintaining his job there. He said that he prepared for that meeting by buying a suit and cutting his hair. At that moment, a thought hit him. Why can I dress up for man, but not for Christ and why is this occasion more important to dress up than to meet my creator on the sabbath? Before this he had read every text there was on meeting Christ every week and he was convicted to go but he was struggling. Something as simple as this, taught him something interesting. God is not average or like any other - look at the Temple Solomon built him and how he instructed sacrifices to be made.. everything was to be orderly, pure and beautiful. Bring your best before God...

So what new truths have you learned recently?
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