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I   stay away due to all the "things" in life but I feel the need to ask for prayer for me.  Many of you know my story some do not.  Putting it in a nutshell:  I contacted HEP C and HIV thru a needle stick at work.  I tried to continue working but was so sick and tired primarily from all the medications I was put on that I was not able to continue. The Hep C tx did not work.  Per my neurologist my spine was attacked by the hepC or HIV virus, which caused nerve damage to left leg.  I have worked long and hard to be able to function part of the time.

When i get tired I get very nervous and anxious, my leg gets weak and sometimes I fall.  When tired I get confused and often forget things. I have frequently left stove burners on.  

I have just been scheduled for an IME which is an examination by private doctors paid by Labor and Industries to evaluate my ability to work.  My private physician has listed me as permanently and totally disabled for job of injury or any other work.  

I know God will work things out how they are suppose to be but I could sur use all the prayers I can get.  Please pray that I will not get overstressed or anxious waiting for this exam.  Please pray that the doctors will see the total picture and not just focus on getting me back to work.  Please pray that I can accept whatever God allows to transpire in my life and to look at all things as blessings.

Thank you
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