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American Idol

Hey is there anyone out there that is watching the new season of American Idol?
What do you think of this being Simons last season?
I myself dont think the show will be the same.
I think it will be good when ellen comes on she should make a funny twist on it.
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Danny gokey just shot his first video and his album will be out very soon!... the video looks good and he was my favorite!.....
this year has been pretty good.... i LOVE ellen!...

i like big mike and the other man with the dark rimmed glasses, he play guitar and he sang paula's song straight up...he did amazing!!!!....

i think i love all the sob stories!
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It sure is it was so funny, I love american idol.
I wonder what ever happened to danny gokey from last season?
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It will be different, that's for sure. First Paula now Simon.
Did you see that last one with Larry Platt singing "Pants on the ground"? It was so hilarious! The guy and his song is a big hit now. It's all over utube. :)
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