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Clearblue fertility monitor whilst on clomid?

Hi I'm wondering if anyone has any advice or knows if I should use clearblue fertility monitor whilst on clomid? And is it true to start using it 3 days after the last pill, also when did anyone get a peak fertility ? Xxx
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I have used the clearblue OPKs with the smiley since trying to conceive. Seems to work well-where i could actually tell when i was ovulating by seeing my CM and doing multiple rounds of OPKs, I started to know what to look for.
Im starting my 1st round of clomid tomorrow-and I will be using OPKs. I have heard from day 3-5 to start the test. My doctor said the clomid might make me ovulate sooner than before, so BD as often as possible.
GL   Ill check back with you here to see when u get your +opk and i'll post mine too.I am usually around day 13 on the normal cycle, so it'll be interesting to see what happens while on clomid. Main difference I want to see is that BFP in a few weeks! :)
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Have u got yourself a fertility monitor? I got one of eBay, starting with hot flashes and nauseous now on day 3 of clomid, I'm taking it day 2 to 6 what about you? Good luck and keep me informed xxx
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Im currently on day2 of clomid- so were close! :)
What was your pre-clomid situation? I see AF on/around CD28, last about 6-7days very light from cd3-7. +opk has been on cd 13-15 pre clomid. I will start testing this cycle 3 days after my last pill.
I purchase my OPKs from Target. Since I was familiar with my O days i didnt use to many sticks before getting a + result. This cycle will be different, as I will use more to make sure i dont miss my O day being that my body will probably send mixed signals as the doctor has warned me. I use the digital test-its just more accurate to me, no guessing- i have enough stress on my plate. lol.
We very excited were at that halfway point and ready to ttc. Being that our fertility window is during valentines week and our anniversary- its gonna be a great time to TTC, not much pressure when theres so much romance in the air already. ::happy dance::
PS- Any side effects? So far I've had mild visual issues and a hot feeling in my face, and quiet sleepy about 3 hours into my pill. I have my alarm set for 830pm to take it on time every night.
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Hiya! Ive just taken my last tablet now! Side affects are hot flashes through the night, waking up a lot through the night and can't get back to sleep, literally wide awake! Annoying! Slight nauseous on a night and today stomach felt crampy dull cramps, that's about it really, I've got the monitor coz my periods are irregular since ectopic pregnancy 3 years ago, they vary from 29 days upto 38 so never know where I am that's why I'm on clomid coz I ovulate later in my cycle, I soooo hope this works we want nothing more than to start a family we r so exited! My fertility monitor today said low fertility but coz its my first time on the monitor have to test from day 6 for about 10 days, fingers crossed for us both, I feel like pressures of now I have the clomid to give me a little boost xxxxx
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Also why we're you put on clomid? Xx
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Gem- I was put on clomid because I have endometriosis and multiple m/c. What Im under the understanding is that were trying to get a controlled pregnancy and help speed it up due to the fact that i didnt have AF for 5 years after having my son and being on depo-provera. It took 11months for AF to come back, then I was preg in 3 months. M/C at 15weeks with a singleton- 1 year to the day of my m/c i found out i was preg again, found out it was twins but m/c at 9 weeks lost both. Its been about 8 months since that happpened and no pregnancy. So were hoping the Clomid brings on some mature eggs so fertilization is quick and healthy!
Im on pill 3 now, just get visual issues for a little while, dizzy slightly, and tired-so im opposite of you. Got a little emotional today but got over it, had to  say "it must be the pill" So things are good on my end.
Are you going in for a follie scan? My doc said i dont really need one this time, but Im kinda at the point where it would be interesting to know whats going on in me from the meds-a nice healthy egg would be great to see. Will probably call tomorrow to see about scheduleing that.
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