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Clomid Cycle Buddies for November??

Anyone else taking clomid for their November cycle? Would be nice to have cycle buddies.
I'm on round 2 of clomid, 50mg, CD3-7.
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I am on myu first cycle...I am new to all of this.

I am taking 100mg on cd 5-9 I am currently on cd 8.

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Hi Heidi! Welcome.
It's nice to have cycle buddies to help support and encourage each other! Lots of luck and SSBD to you! Do you have any side effects from clomid?

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Hello!! I'm with ya!!! Today CD 4, three more days of clomid! Thus us my second cycle with clomid! Praying this month will me the month!!!! Good luck ladies! Praying for us all this month! Mamamia40 I think we are same CD!! Whooooo
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Hi! Yes, we are on the same CD!! COOL! SSBD to us all and let's keep in touch!

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I don't have any bad side effects besides back pain and being tired.

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I take that all back.

I took my last 100mg of clomid today cd 9.

I feel like throwing up so bad right now and I have 30 min left of work and 1 hr commute home.

I feel run down like flu almost.......I read somewhere that the first cycle is the easiest, is this true?

If so I am not sure how manu I will be able to handle.
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Heidi, so sorry you are not feeling well. I don't know if clomid gives flu like symptoms or not. I'm on my second cycle, and have only taken 3 tablets so far. My first cycle I had some minor hot flashes, and some headaches, and felt really tired, but that was about it. So far I haven't had any side effects yet, but I will probably have them in a day or two after I've finished the tablets.
I hope you feel better, and get some rest! SSBD!
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Hi everyone!

I'm on my second IUI cycle and 100mg of Clomid.  I test tomorrow so really hoping for a BFP.  If not, I am gonna try again at the end of this month :-)

Good luck to everyone!!
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Hello My Dear Ladies-

Yeah I'm on my 2nd round of clomid 200mg.....  I am on my CD4 today & also started clomid today as well for 5 days then I do the follisim shots as well at 75.....  I did that last month but at 150mg clomid.....  I don't ovulate & my period are so irregular.....  I went to my u/s today thank God no cyst & have like 30 follicles on both my ovaries..... I go back on. 11/16/10 to see how big they are......      

Mlward3- & Mamamia40- Icanndoittoo- Yes I Pray this will be our month for all of us :-)

Lots of Baby Dust to All & SSBD.....
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mgmonroe, Good luck tomorrow, we all hope you get your BFP! Keep us posted! SSBD!

cleto, Yay! welcome to this cycle buddy group! 30 follies!? wow, thats a lot, right! Sounds very promising! Good luck at your next apt, I hope the follies grow nice and big and juicy!! Keep us posted.
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Hi and thanks... Last month I had a lot of them 2 but IDK why the IUI didnot work....

I wish you good luck as well...

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I just started spotting so I will pick up my 100mg of clomid tomorrow from the pharmacy...AF should be here by tomorrow as I normally spot 1-2 days before...I will take it CD3-7...I hope this is all of our month!!!
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I am on round 2 at 100mg.  Have 2 big follicles and took Ovidrel injection last night, so wish me luck.

I had bad mood swings this time, I felt like a giant ball of tension and have had headaches, but seems to be better now.
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Ok Ladies Im CD9 today!!! Here comes the BD stage;) Im torn between bd everyother day! My doctor told me just to do it everyother day and that should cover my basis, she said doing it more than that does not give it enough time to build up good healthy sperm! So last month we did it every other day and when my monitor read peak we did it that day and the next  5 days to cover our bases! well no preggo from that method so i dunno what to do. when you get that peak you just want to do it to it!! umm i guess im just gonna stick to the everyohther day regardless of when i get my peak! ummmm
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Hey ladies, I am on my 2nd round of Clomid 50mg, CD 5-9 and today is CD8 for me! Hoping this round works for all of us!!
I haven't had many side effects... a few severe headaches and hot flashes in the middle of the night.
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I had no instruction on when to do BD, but I have heard before of the Sperm Meets the Egg Plan and I know someone who has gotten pregnant more than once when doing it.  This is what I am doing, maybe it will work for you too.


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I'm currently on CD4 and day 2 of clomid...praying for success!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I start my first round of Clomid tomorrow on CD3! Good luck to everyone!
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I too take Clomid. CD3 through 7. I finshed it on november 9th
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second round CD 5-9  im on CD16

I have been on 50 mg for 2 mths. I have no side effect to comid.  is that weird?
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I am CD 14 so you are only 2 days ahead of me.

Is anyone else CD 14??
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Hey Ladies,

I took 3 rounds of 50mg clomid with no luck. I have PCOS and do not have periods on my own (I get a period when I take provera) so this time my OB put me on 1000mg of metformin along with 100mg of clomid. I'm currently on CD 11.

I took my first OPK today and it was negative. On the last three rounds of 50mg clomid I got positive OPKs around CD 19-23 (I used clearblue digitals) but when I showed my doctor my chart of what I kept track of (BBTs, etc) he said it didn't look like I ovulated. With that, I thought that using OPKs seemed kind of worthless since they can be positive and be false but I'm using them again because I'm curious to see if there is any change with the increase of dosage.

Good luck ladies!!
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OPK's are said not to work properly for those of us with PCOS...our hormones are all out of wack...I too bought some, but they failed me...however I did O and I know that because I had a progesterone level drawn and it was 21...I also chart my BBT which is going fairly well so fair...I'm still getting the hang of it though, lol
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Good Afternoon... I went to my u/s today and I have lots of follicles like 30 but they are too small... They saw a big one 13 but they don't know if its that cuz it was like oval instead of being round like a circle....

I pray to God that's the one... Do you ladies think that can be a good follicle??

SSBD to All :-)
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