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First month

Hello ladies! This is my first month using Clomid. I start on 50mg tomorrow which is CD3 and I will be taking 5 pills. I already ovulate but my doc thought it my help me get a better egg. Anyone else doing this? He also started me on CD3, which is a little earlier that others here but maybe that is because I usually O early, around CD9 or 10. I'm hoping for a nice healthy egg this month so I can announce a BFP for Christmas!!  Good luck to you all and SSBD your way!
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Hi honey i was the same as you as i ovulated myself and took clomid days 2-6 to help me get better eggs.The clomid helped my eggs but the side effects were awfull and i only managed to take it for 3 cycles.I was on 50mg also.I really hope you get good eggs and get a BFP honey.Keep me posted with your news SSBD Bev xx
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Thanks. I'm really hoping this works.
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I'm in the same boat. This was my first time using clomid 50mg, I used it from Cd 5-9 and alot of these lovely women told me to take it at night time before bed to limit my side effects.  I had very mild hot flashes, sore (sorry tmi) nipple, bits of nausea and it did affect my vision but if I had to put a time on how long these lasted I would say about 2 minutes.  It wasn't all day and I would do the Clomid again. I'm currently 7 dpo and praying this is it!   Oh and yes I ovulate on my own as well but they put me on it for the egg quality too! :)  Without the Clomid I was ovulating on Cd 17-18 and this month on the clomid nothing changed.  It was on cd 18 again. Praying this works!! Good luck to us all!! SSBD!! :D
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Me too, I took 50mg starting CD3 this time, hoping this time it works, as it messed up my cycle last month. Im CD13 today, and got + opk yesterday so we'll see what happens! I also used to O early, like between CD8 - CD10.. Hope clomid works for us and gets us that golden egg!! Good luck to you!
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Good luck to you. This is my 2nd round of Clomid cd 1-5, 100mg, last month I was 50mg no prego. I also am hoping on BFP by Christmas even more so because Im getting married next month :D Good luck to you all. My 1st round side affects werent bad what so ever I tracked my symptoms in my journal-check it out

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I am also on my first round of clomid 50mg days 3-8 and am on cd9.  According to OPK I ovulated 4 out of the past 6 months but my doctor thought clomid might help also.  My husband's semen analysis indicated low-average count.  

I didn't experience any symptoms on the clomid and don't feel any signs of ovulation which is unusual for me (28-30 day cycle). Don't want to put too much stress on myself but am feeling discourage aready...Ugh!  

BD to all!!!!!
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So how is everyone doing on Clomid this time? I got AF this weekend so I'm going to try one more month. Any successes. How about your AF, was it more painful than normal. Mine was so painful. I cramped for several days before I finally started and I still am cramping. And I spotted for a week before. Not sure if that is bad or good. Let me know how you all are doing.
Crystalgodess- Congrats on the wedding. Have you already gotten married or is it later this month?
Good luck to all of you!
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AF yesterday :(  But my progesterone resuts were good...60.8! Found out my that my hubbys sperm are poor swimmers.  Am starting round #2 of 50mg clomid tomorrow and may try IUI this month! App't with REI Wednesday.
Staying hopeful!!!
ps....VERY painful cramps just hours before AF and then some!
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I am on my first month taking clomid 25 mg cd 5-9. Taking my last pill tomorrow.  Very nurvous cos been trying naturally for a year with no success.  Also wasn't getting my period every month..my obgyn put me on provera for 10 days to induce my period which worked but still running been about 10 days :-( i hope to end this period before my cd 12 so i can bd on my O days...any good news with you girls?? Wish you all the best!!
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I had my laparascopy in december,2010 and was placed on clomid 50mg cd2-6, and had blood test done on cd 21 on my first and second cycle.
am on my third cycle now and just bought my OPK. what date do you think is ideal for me to test O?

best of luck ....
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I'm also on my first round, cd 2-6. I ovulate on my own, last May I did a progesterone test and it was 24.5 or there about. I have been TTC for 1 yr and 6 months. I usually ovulate between cd 12-16, I hope this first cycle is a lucky one and I get a BFP!
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How is everybody doing on Clomid? I am on my last cycle and waiting to ovulate. SSBD!!
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I'm excited, I'm suppose to ovulate between March 14-17. I hope I get bfp this cycle
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Good luck! I hope you do too!
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