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Hello :)

I am new to Clomid. TTC 5 years plus.. did tons of testing nothing found wrong with either one of us. had HSG done as well and it was normal.
I am starting my first day today for cycle days 5-9 of 100mg. I am hoping to find encouragement here as well as information. I am nervous and scared to death to be optimistic as nothing has worked for us. I am overweight and have lost 22 pounds so far with another 25 to go. Sadly Clomid is our only option as that is all the Air Force can offer us at the base we are at. Any tips and advice would be great!
I know I was told to start testing on CD10 for Ovulation. I have done the clear blue tests for last 6 months and I tend to have my LH surge on CD14. Does this change with Clomid?
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