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How Clomid works...unsure about it?

Hi everyone,

I am ttc for past 10 months. I am 32yrs old. I have 23 days menstrual cycle, Also i have Hyper-thyroid which is now in control for past 6 months.

I visited OB/GYN 6 months ago. She checked that i Ovulate regularly. Also done with blood tests. My progesterone comes low on 7  days post ovul.  So she prescribed me Vitex for the same, I have been taking it reg for past 4 months. But still my cycle is 23 days long only.

My husband has been tested too. He is fine.

This month Dr. prescribed me Clomid 50 mg for days   5-9 ....for better follicle which she said will result in better progesterone. I was asked to visit her on 9 july which is 12th day of my cycle. But she is out of town until monday afternoon.

so i m worried what to do next. i ve read several topics about clomid monitoring.  Also i came across this fact that tubes should be checkd prior to clomid treatment. Kindly guide me what should i do.?

i am just worried bcz thrs is some heaviness n mild pressure in my lower abdomen. I have no idea whats causing it...is it Clomid. I am also temping...but my temps rnt cuming too high.....i think i O on my 12th bcz i had severe cramping.  

So as my doc cudnt check me before ovul.....i ve no idea how many follicle matured wid an effect of Clomid. Do u guys know whether matured follicles can b seen via ultrasound post-ovul.    I donot want twins or multiples. So this thing is stressing me out.
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