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Need some advice (Clomid)

Ok, for starters...I finished my second round of Clomid on 1/6/12. I started taking it on the 2nd. (3-7) 100mg a day.
I did ovulate (a little early) and had intercourse pretty much every day. Mainly ovulated the 9th-13th.
Today is the 19th and I have been feeling really irritable these past couple of days. I have horrible gas (sorry!) and today I have this slight/dull cramping going on in my lower abdomen (left side). Almost feels like ovulation cramps but I already ovulated.

Anyone who's gotten pregnant, what is the main reason you thought you might be pregnant (besides missed AF of course), anything super early that made you almost positive? I'm feeling pretty good about this round of Clomid. Are these dull cramps normal and could it be a sign of pregnancy? There is so much stuff on the internet, I never know what to believe.

PS. I know I just gotta wait for a missed AF so I can take a EPT, just wondering though...hoping for something to look forward to.
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