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Newbie-1st cycle clomid CD32 no AF-other symptoms!!! ADVICE

Im a newbie on here and a newbie to clomid...need some info,advice ANYTHING!   I will give you a run down of what has happen w/ symptoms and then any input would be great!   I miscarriaged Jan 2012 so thats the start
3/15-cramps,bloating,tender breast
3/16-spotting light started 6 pm only noticed when wiped-cramps,tender breast,bloating
3/17-CD1- HEAVY flow (not sure if anyone else would start this as CD1 but I did since I didnt show any spotting until late previous night),CRAMPS,tender breast,bloating
3/18-CD2- HEAVY flow,cramps,bloated
Clomid 3/19-3/23
3/19-3/21-CD3-5-  medium flow
3/22-CD6- light flow....no flow in PM, turned red/pink by 7ish...
3/25-CD9-   :)   (Im sure u know what the happy face means)....CM dry
3/26-CD10- OPK TEST POS   :) ...cloudy CM
3/27-CD11-  :)...wet CM
3/28-31-CD12-15-cramps here and there or O pains
3/30- CD14- OPK ( yes took another one,its hard not to,well it was + so took another it was very confused)  :)  wet CM
3/31-C15-had light pink spot when wipe only 1 time
4/2-CD17- BW (I went to soon...go figure),little cramps PM or O pains
4/3-CD18- stong cramps pm or O pains, took OPK +,  :)
CD20-   :)
CD22 - took another OPK (why not kept getting +-+-+-+) yep got a + and a -
CD23-mild cramps PM or O pains, nausea OPK -
       *now the fun begins*
CD24-crying,moody,pm little cramps or O pains & lower back pains,tired
CD25-28-  acne,lower back pain,irritabile,moody,crying,O pains or cramps,tired alot more and way way earlier then normal
CD27 & 28-back,&cramp/O pains were on and off and mild
CD28- nausea
CD29-    :)    nausea,mild cramp/O pain on  off,TIRED,not much energy
CD30-   :)     actually had a period like cramp for about 5 minutes...... I got very nausea after sex in evening....
CD31-   HPT BFN....not much energy in AM, nausea from about noon until 7pm, cramps in pm, also noticed little EWCM, or its wet, it stretches  sorry TMI

CD21-30 my CM has been white and creamy
since CD18 bowl movements maybe 2-3 week

b4 I lost my baby my period came ever 23-28 days, I was always little off,but never missed one.  a yr ago I was told I had endometriosis due to having a period about 20 days a month,Dr put me on a pill to "restart" my period and pray it helped make me NORMAL,and it helped 80% so I was happy, I also have a didelphic uterus which mine is just a uterus that has a wall in the middle. I know I  can carry kids i have a WONDERFUL 16 yr old son (great age,they know everything and we know nothing....), I just can not delv. natural, I have to have C-section.

So yes we are ttc,and I am sooooo not use to being "normal" 28-32 cycle days, so I do believe I am late....also one thing that I have ALWAYS had and even had last month was sore,tender breast. When I found out I was PG b4 I lost it the symptoms I had was sore breast BUT I was also 5 weeks along when I took the test, and I didnt think I missed a period for the simple fact I had implantion bleeding (which I knew nothing about until after I found out I was) I had the implantion bleeding around the time I figured or thought i should start.  I was moody like I am now, not sure about being tired cause that was holiday time...who isnt tired.  
I just dont undertand why I kept getting +-+- - - ++ + - - - - OPK
I really didnt think I had any side effects while taking the clomid unless CD17 until now is side effects.
So any input would be great!
Wonder if I am doing the HPT to soon? if I dont start by Thursday I am going to go to the Dr but until then anything to ease my mind! Oh and YES I did FMU when I did HPT!
I hope all this makes sense and I didnt loose you!
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Did you go to the Dr? or take another test? what time of the day were you testing opk?
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