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Weight Gain/bloating

Have any of you had weight gain and or bloating from  Clomid?

I am on round 2, 4PDO and it seems that my belly is bloated or I have gained weight.  YIKES - so not good.  Not happy to gain extra weight.  Now if I end up pregnant, would not care.  
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I too have had bloating.I have gained a few pounds which I think is from Clomid. But this bloating it the worst..
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Yep! Lots of Bloating here! UGH!
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I also felt bloated
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Yes its definately the clomid,i had a constant bloated belly and gained a few pounds also.I had a bit of flatulence as well yuk lol.SSBD Bev xx
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Yes!!  In my LP I had extreme bloating, so bad it was difficult to sit down because I had to bend my body, haha!  I laugh...but it wasn't fun!  I was worried all the people in my office were thinking I was pregnant!  Hopefully it's foreshadowing!!  I'm now on round 2 and so far symptoms haven't been as bad, but I'm only on cd7.  Here's hoping!  
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Im moving onto round 3 and hoping to up clomid to 100-150mg

I have gained some weight the last 2 months and I am not happy about it. I a already overweight and trying to lose!
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I have had major bloating the past few days...very uncomfortable!
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I have also felt bloated and I have not weighed myself but I am positive I have gained weight. I also have an increased appetite... has anyone else had that??
I am on round 2 @ 50mg CD24... according to an OPK I was positive for ovulation on days CD20-22.
Hoping this is the last round we have to go through.
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