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After Covid-19, I Feel Like a Depressed Brain

I work in the Internet industry in the UK. I suffered from depression three years ago. I was basically cured before I was infected with the new crown in November 2021. I have stopped using antidepressants. But after being infected with the new crown, the depression relapsed again. The doctor judged that it was one of the symptoms of the new crown, brain fog, which continued.

After getting the new crown, I felt that I was "brain-dead", I didn't want to do anything, and I felt extremely anxious. It started with cold-like symptoms, headache, cough, fever, and loss of taste and smell. Chest tightness, shortness of breath, fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite, forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating, unresponsiveness, and anxiety also occur.

The whole situation is not good. I lost four kilograms in weight. All four members of my family were infected with the new crown, one after another. I couldn’t live a normal life for about a month. Apart from feeling tired all the time, the two children recovered relatively quickly, but daily life such as food and clothing needed to be taken care of, and I felt that life was fragmented and messed up, and I couldn't cope at all.

I remember that I had a cough for three weeks, was bedridden for a month, and then took a long sick leave for more than three months. I simply can't afford to get out of bed to cook, the kids eat takeout every day and they have mouth sores for a long time. Fortunately, there are friends who help and often send us home-made delicacies. At that time, volunteers from the community also sent me antidepressants to my home to ensure that I could take them in time. My family doctor advised me to ask a counselor again.

The biggest push for me was a few home visits by the social worker in charge of child welfare. The well-intentioned help made me extremely anxious and insomnia. I felt that I was an incompetent mother who couldn't even do the most basic things to take care of my children. Does the new crown make me a useless person! This is unacceptable to me.

The regular doctor's consultation and the kind greetings from the leaders of the unit also made me feel like a burden, and I didn't want to be sick all the time. This day-to-day burnout and bedriddenness made me feel worthless.

For a long time, I thought I had Alzheimer's. I can't remember anything, and I look for things every day. What the doctor said has to be asked several times over and over again to understand. Sometimes after calling in the morning to confirm, call again in the afternoon and ask again. Later, when I was browsing the web, I noticed in longcovidcarecenter that my symptoms may belong to post covid brain fog, and I checked many papers here to confirm my guess.

Sometimes I don't know if I have taken medicine or not. Going into the kitchen, I forgot what I was going to do. Looking at the pills with a glass of water, I asked myself if I just took the medicine or didn’t take it?

Because of the confusion caused by many small things, I deeply doubted my ability to handle things. She feels that she must first learn to forgive herself and accept herself who is often tired and forgetful.

Family doctors and psychologists believe that the new crown and its chain effects have become an inducement for the recurrence of depression, and the dose of antidepressants needs to be increased.

It has been five months since the dose was increased, and the effect is obvious. She is recovering, but she still has symptoms of anxiety and fatigue, and her physical strength has not yet fully recovered. Now I want to start with doing one small thing every day, to be happier and stay optimistic. Doctors hope to gradually taper off the antidepressants over the course of a year.
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These are all very typical symptoms of long covid. It's terrible. The brain fog is real.

Talk to your doctor about long covid. You could have depression and long covid, or something else, but long covid is real.

I don't know where you are in the UK, but I saw a thread on Twitter by a doctor in the UK last week or so - drclairetaylor. She's doing work with long covid. If she's not near you, maybe she knows someone who is.

I've had long covid for a year. It's devastating. I hope you find answers.
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Get an echocardiogram of your heart. Some people with Covid 19 develop an enlarged right ventrical I’ve read. It’s worth a check
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