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Anyone else with heart effects from COVID? (Unvaxed older female)

I was not vaccinated and got hit hard by Covid. I am a 60 year old female. After nearly 3 years of super cautious behavior, I wonder if the new very contagious strain is what got me.

At lunch I was fine and by dinner I had the worst headache of my life, couldn't eat, and temp reached 102 at 1 am, the next day going up to 102.7 Tested positive on rapid covid antigen test  I also felt like i had knife blades in my throat and my nose and throat were quite congested. I was nauseous and could not eat for a whole week. Urine output was minimal although i was drinking a fair amount of water. Temp fell and then rose again but not to as high a level. Remained feeling very ill and congested Noticed throughout my heart rate was elevated but i attributer that both to fever and dehydration. After a week i started eating but remained very congested. My pulse ox meter did not show any dip in oxygen saturation at fingertip. I was encouraged to go to ER for fluids but I did not go despite being close. I felt very sick.

Its now been two and a half weeks since covid onset and I've noticed something odd about my heart. First i saw on pulse oximeter that not only had it remained higher than usual, but it would speed up then slow down then speed up then slow down. It was not a stable rhythm. I used my kardia monitor  and also payed for membership to get the advanced feature of a graph of the R-R interval. It was highly variable and Was able to determine that this was a a sinus arrhythmia. So not a fib or flutter but varying rhythm . Docs have been frustrating on this. If you look this up, you'll find  it is fine if you are a kid but if you are older and get it as an adult, it usually signifies heart disease  i do not know if mine is respiratory or non- respiratory sinus arrhythmia but either way  in older adult indicates an underlying problem. Very frustrating to have a doc instead say “normal variant” despite this and despite never having it before.

Before covid i had Sjogrens Syndrome, dysautonomia, and a mast cell issue , so not in the best of health and knew i would get hit hard

Currently , besides heart (also 25 beats higher than normal) , temp still a degree higher than usual, lots of sinus pressure, anosmia, intense rib pain apparently  from a few coughing fits, Headaches, sleeping alot, eating alot, and i Don't feel back to my usual self yet. I assume too soon for long covid

Anyone else experience a heart change? And  still there 2.5 weeks past onset? It might be easy to miss this one if one weren't obsessively checking pulse ox meter. and noticed the odd jumping around was different than usual. Any  comments? Input would be helpful. Will i feel better? What about the body temp and headaches? Etc. Thanks for any help. I don't have enough stories to know  how typical or atypical my case was, especially from unvaccinated older people   Would be helpful to compare. Thanks
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It doesn't sound like long Covid, it sounds like you still have Covid. Not everyone gets over it in two and a half weeks. Have you talked about your heart to your doctor?
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Interesting- that it could still be covid.  Also having what wonder is bacterial sinus super infection as congestion got better for a couple days then boom new onset sinus pressure pain burning and roving congestion

Docs differ. One says heart is “normal variant” when its not and another says  don't do anything to overstimulate so it doesn't turn into afib (hard when you have dysautonomia and a sympathetic nervous system that is frequently inappropriately triggered

I have a virtual visit with an infectious disease doc tomorrow and plan to mention the heart and the new sinus issue. Curious if he thinks i still have covid., not that i trust anything an n=1 random doctor says. What we need is to be able to ask at least 100 docs and then the odds would be better to go with majority opinion

If i were guessing,  perhaps hoping for best case scenario, I’d wonder if i have a hard to correct persistent depletion of potassium and magnesium.  

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P.s. forgot to mention hypertension not controlled with big fluctuations is another of my pre-existing conditions.
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I suggest you get vaxxed to protect yourself in future, if your doc says you are able to take it now.
My doc says in the next 5- 10 years Pfizer may cure cancer with just one mRNA jab (similar to the Covid vax)  that is specially tailored to the tumour in the patient's biopsy. That painless and mainly safe alternative to months of chemo and radiation would effectively end the AV movement pseudo-science claims once millions get cured. Plus, hospitals likely won't offer chemo or radiation except for the few who didn't respond to the injection.
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