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COVID19 vaccination for people with lupus

I'm asking a question on behalf of my mother, since she doesn't speak English.
She's 52 years old and has had discoid lupus (lupus erythematosus discoides) for 7 years now. Naturally, since it's an autoimmune disease, she's worried about whether she can get vaccinated against COVID19 or not. She had asked one doctor (not an immunologist though) but he hasn't given her a clear answer. She also has not been able to reach an immunologist since it's hard to reach doctors for non-emergencies or non-COVID issues anywhere now.

She's currently not taking any treatment for the lupus, as her condition is generally well. The only thing she takes are some antioxidants and amino-acid supplements.

So is there any reason to worry about the vaccine for someone with discoid lupus?

Thanks in advance.
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If your primary care doc doesn't know the answer, try going to the CDC website and see if that answers the question.  I would think she would have been a first priority for vaccination, but again, if your doc can't tell you find a doc who can.  What that report means is that lupus is an autoimmune disorder.  Some of the meds for lupus might be more problematic than the lupus itself as far as the vaccine is concerned, but if CDC website doesn't have an answer contact them or the health officials in your area.
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Just did a Google search and I suggest you contact a Lupus organization.  What I did find is, yes, she should get vaccinated, but please confirm that.
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She really needs to talk to her doctor personally, but I did find these that may help -



That code means ICD-10-CM Code G90.0 Idiopathic peripheral autonomic neuropathy. It's a diagnosis code, and is only one part of it, probably.


But your mom really, really needs to talk to her doctors to get a specific answer that takes into account her specific conditions and history. If she has to make an appointment with her immunologist, she should.

Good luck!
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One thing I forgot to mention is that one part of her diagnosis states: "Autoimmune dysfunction G90.0". Not sure what exactly it's supposed to mean or whether it's relevant, just thought I'd mention it.
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