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Chest Xray

im 21 y/o male, been having kind of difficulty breathing for 2 months now, feels difficult to take full deep breaths through the mouth sometimes.
i did an xray about a month ago, the doctor prescribed me a BUDESONIDE inhaler, but i havent been noticing any improvements.
I suspect some kind of inflammation, but the doctor denied it, so hope an expert and take a look and help me!

pictures : https://imgur.com/a/ixaGmND
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Is this from covid? I can't read your xray, but you could always get a second opinion.
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yes, i had covid like a year ago, but the symptoms started showing recently
That kind of a gap would suggest you had something else bothering your lungs. Maybe having had Covid, your lungs are more scarred or sensitive, but some other cause must be happening to only have the symptoms show recently. Did you tell the doc who prescribed the inhaler that it isn't doing much for you?
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