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Constant Sickness

Has anyone constantly been getting sick since having covid? Ever since I had it in July of last year, maybe a month or so afterward, I have been getting sick nonstop from stomach bugs, strep, and the main kicker which is cold/allergy like symptoms with sore throat, sinus, mucus, and sometimes coughing, etc... anything and everything! Not even exaggerating, I get sick every other week and at the most two weeks if I am very lucky. I feel good for a week at a time and it's usually when I'm on antibiotics. I have taken antiboitcs 4 times this year (it's only the beginning of May) for the cold/allergy symptoms because it always seems to return then turn into a sinus infection or just a horrid sickness that I can't get rid of without treatment. Over the counter medication seems to do absolutely nothing for me.. dayquil, nyquil, claritin, zyrtec, flonase, you name it... no relief. I've tried taking womens vitamins, all kinds of immune vitamins... nothing seems to improve or help. I even ended up getting c diff and landed in the hospital for about a week due to taking so many antibiotics... last course they put me on for 3 weeks... I am so afraid to get sick again... but I already feel it coming on now that I'm toward the end of the c diff issue.. sore throat started coming on yesterday and now I have that overall sick feeling coming on today with slight stuffy nose and mucus this morning. Please HELP!!!!!! I am so depressed. I cannot keep doing this, as it is taking my entire life from me. All I have time to do now is work then alternate between being sick and then spending the time I am well cleaning and catching up on housework I couldn't do while sick then cycle repeat. All I want is to be able to take my kids places and do something fun for once.. Doctors are no help. I have an allergy test scheduled, but I keep having to reschedule due to illness. I also just ordered a genetics kit to see if that turns up any kind of beneficial results. I am so desperate. Someone please help me... :(
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I am sorry you have been sick so much. It could be th a t you just happened  to pick up virus after virus out there. Strep is going around a LOT I hear. My advice would  be to maybe wear a mask indoors in stores and refrain from restaurants  for a bit if possible.  I have worn a mask even when the mandate was taken down and knock on wood I have not been ill in 3 years. And I've been in many many crowded stores. But I still mask up. Because  I used to always get ill even before  COVID and I just figured I can help viruses not to spread to my sister as well..she is high risk. Not sure if you still wear a mask or not but I would try it for the upcoming fall. (Indoors). I do still eat out occasionally  but at outdoor cafes. I hope you feel completely  better soon!!
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Ps...I  wear it snug up over my nose. It's worth trying for a while as it has aided me.
You may have long Covid. Is there a LC clinic near you?
The vitamins you took will only help if you have a deficiency. Have you been tested?
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