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Constant tickly throat and want to clear my throat and can't sleep

I cought Covid, my mom got it the symptoms first, yesterday now today I have it, been unable to sleep, my mind keeps rushing around, unable to sleep, feeling anxious, plus I have this tickly throat and the feeling of wanting to clear my throat all the time, I get choking coughs sometimes.

Sometimes I feel my heart racing, and the feeling of just not wanting to sleep.

It feels like a cold.

What can I do to relieve this?

I tried Strepsils lozenges, honey and ginger tea, they're only temporary and come back as soon as I finish.
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Hi. Covid stinks. Was your mom tested and came back positive? Have you tested? So many do assume they had or have covid, I will say. There are so many viruses out there and it really is not always covid. In fact, often it is not. So, get mom tested and you tested if you haven't. Because it may be, isolate with your illness to control spreading it. Have you been vaccinated? I have had covid twice, confirmed both times. The first time was pre vaccine and lord have mercy, I was SICK. My whole family had it and I was the sickest. One son barely had a cough and never a fever. Another felt ill for about 2 days. My husband had a fever and was sick for about 5. I was sick for two weeks. I lost my smell and over a year later, it's still not fully returned. The second time we got covid, much much milder. Really, like a cold except I had quite the headache.

Comfort care is the best thing for covid. Fluids, rest, ibuprofen if you can take it. Yes, throat losenges to ease that pain. I drank a lot of tea. I had a little thing you put on your finger that tells you your oxygen level. :>)  That was the rage when covid was going around pre vaccine. Your heart racing is likely because of discomfort or anxiety. If it continues or you have chest pain, call your doctor or go to the ER. Same if you have shortness of breath.

Phlegm in the throat causes that thick mucus feeling. Have you ever heard of mucinex? It's something that thins secretions. It can help, but talk to your mom about it.
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Thanks for your message, yes, both tested positive.
I take ibuprofen with warm ginger and honey, I feel cold water gives out uncomfortable feelings in the throat.
Okay, ya. You just have to rest and power through it. That's all you can do. The vast majority of the time, it blows over and all is well. Is your mom having the same kind of time with it as you are? It's interesting to me how it can appear different in different people, even in the same house!  Were you or your mom vaccinated?
Yeah both vaccinated, she's ok, just a bit of a cough, the tickly sore throat has gone with her.
My dad also has it, although, not tested, I can only guess it is, he as copd and is unvaccinated (didn't want to) compared to me, he feels achy and cold.

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