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Dealing with anxiety and depression associated with corona virus covid 19?

I'm really worried like I'm sure a lot of people are.  Anxiety is running high.  I'm also feeling really shut in and trapped due to social isolating and distancing.  How are people handling this?
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Here is an interview with Stanford professor Dr. Wang, the Director of Center for Policy, Outcomes and Prevention about how Taiwan was able to contain Covid. At the 19 minute mark he says 90% of Taiwan people approve of government policy which includes  6 month imprisonment for breaking quarantine.
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Almost as if on cue, the military is discussing plans for martial law, and Justice is talking about indefinite detention without any due process whatsoever. "For our safety", of course.
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Here is a fascinating documentary on why Taiwan successfully escaped the gruesome Covid problems despite being next door to China who got them infected early. The restaurant biz is normal there compared to here where you don/'t even dare go in, because their the well informed nation learned from its difficult SARS problems and is cautious whenever another outbreak occurs, despite low herd immunity since very few cases appeared.  For instance, any restaurant table always has disposable wipes on the table unlike here today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrzV7ILHM4Q
They did not experience the anxiety that we have to deal with.
The part about Taiwan really was fascinating. Then there was the claim that Canadian (and presumably US) stores have plenty of product in distribution centers, but they can't get it to the stores fast enough. If true. Also, the subtext was that stores didn't institute limits because they loved loved loved the volume going out the door with the hoarders.
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I'm not particularly worried myself. But I can't help wonder how much emotional and psychological damage is being done by all the lockdowns that are preventing people from paying rent and mortgages and all the rest. The whole tidal wave of "better safe than sorry" and "flatten the curve" doesn't care about those people one bit. They're just shrugged off, and hardly appear in the media at all. Collateral damage.

Many or most restaurants and clothing stores might be dead forever. Who in their right mind would want to own one now, knowing they can be closed at will? Pet stores, on and on.

What happens if one worker in a supermarket gets ill, then all the others have to take 2 weeks at home just in case because they were in the same room as the sick one?

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Ken, families are also suffering when schools close and the family has to live together all day with children who have mental health issues. Normally the child would be busy in class all day while the parent is working or otherwise but now it is non stop pressure. Also many parents have to try to get some children to study in a home atmosphere that they normally play in.
China is coming back (at the moment anyway) and has closed the covid hospitals due to lack of patients so we will soon see how their restaurants adapt.
Plus, in other cases, kids are watched by the grandparents and maybe bringing the virus straight to them. There had been some strong and valid opinions to not close schools, but it's all been steamrollered over now.

"China... has closed the covid hospitals due to lack of patients"
Aha, I didn't know that, ANM. Verrry interesting and that wouldn't be faked, thanks. A valuable aspect of talk threads like this is that everyone doesn't have to independently go and get all the news themselves.

I don't recall Japan in the news, why are they not swamped?
I know a businessman who sells cardiac diagnostic equipment to hospitals who gave me that "China is coming back" quote. He said they are pouring a mountain of money into health recovery and is working on a deal with them so that ties in with claims that I had read in the media about the closure. Also from him "The Chinese government has liberated an amazing amount of money to deal with the aftermath of COVID."
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As for anxiety, I have waves of it that come and go during the day and when I first wake up. I wake up and feel anxious. I play games on the phone or listen to music and try to calm my breathing. It is hard. I am not sleeping as well. One thing that is particularly bothering me is that I have to pick up a prescription, that is controlled, for my migraine variant. I cannot just go off of it or I will get very sick, such as seizures, etc. So the pharmacy won't guarantee that I get my refill if I do mail order. So I have to go  in next week and I hope I don't get it from someone at the pharmacy. I have written twice to the doctor. We are in shutdown in California, and so we are not working and so the threat is getting high here. I listened to a Kaiser Permanente healthcare lecture on Corona virus and the expert said that it is going up 2.5 times every 5 days here. So that means if we have 100 infections today 5 days will be 250, 5 days more 625, 5 more days 1563 etc. Until we stay in long enough to "flatten the curve". Then the cases will slow and we can maybe not have to stay home. But it looks to me like it will go up to the point where we will get lockdown. We don't have enough hospital beds here for the ill so they are converting the hotels and other places into makeshift hospitals. We are trying to delay the spread of it to health care workers and to ourselves until we get a treatment. I have read that Chloroquine plus Azithromycin may be somewhat effective in lowering the severity of the disease. Also some new antibody based treatments are being worked on. There is a lot to think about. My husband is staying home from work for the first time. He is 64 and so it is also different having him home. We both have to adjust to that too. I hope we get a good treatment and of course vaccine soon. Peace and love to all of you.
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Here's some good news. An online instruction released today can make N95 masks from a 3D printer. He has sent it to anyone with a 3D printer and hopes that companies across the country will start making them this afternoon.
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That is good news.
I hope so.
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One thing to keep in mind is that stress and anxiety can take a serious toll on your immune system.  So, ironically, worrying excessively and allowing thoughts about the virus, and what could happen, makes you more susceptible to contracting, and having a harder time fighting, any disease.  The added stress of parents newly working from home, and kids being home due to school closures, doesn't help.

Anyone who finds themselves having panicked or doomsday thoughts about themselves or loved ones related to the possibility of contracting the virus, or experiencing a lot of stress due to household changes, should absolutely have a talk with their doctor.  Medication, even if temporary, may be helpful to get anxiety under control.
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"One thing to keep in mind is that stress and anxiety can take a serious toll on your immune system."
So very true.

"Medication, even if temporary, may be helpful to get anxiety under control."
Or good ol' exercise, which produces anti-stress and anti-inflammatory biochemicals.
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I know this is making me feel very anxious internally.  I feel an impending doom which I don't know if it is because of the sixth sense or if it is because doom is coming.  lol  But it is very uncomfortable.  I am trying to take a little bit of every day to do exactly what I want to (at home).  Watch a dumb tv show, play an online card game, read my celebrity trash magazines, etc.  Just a time to not think about anything else.  

Agree that is a good tip on being ambidextrous.  I also used my elbow to push a door open and to push an elevator button.  

Also, cell phones.  I keep thinking I'm the only one touching it and I am not going to give corona virus to myself . . . but they do recommend careful cleaning of it.
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The thing with cell phones is that we always put them down on counters in stores and stuff, and it picks up all kinds of nasties. Some experts say that our phones are as gross as our toilets.
Hi, regarding cell phones. I don't take mine out when in public during flu season and anymore while this is going on. It is way too dangerous. You can get it by touching something then touching your face or inhaling it. So if you can leave the phone in the car or your purse or back pocket while out in public.
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Do you have a job where you are forced to interact with people, and are you social isolating all the time? I don't work, so have been distancing for most of the last month and am doing it 100% now. I take comfort in knowing I am not spreading disease, so I am part of the solution.
Do you live alone?
There will be many fatalities but if you are careful to not touch your face, plus if no one coughs on you then you will likely also be enjoying a brighter day in future. Try to become ambidextrous so you touch doors, elevator buttons etc with your left because that way your right hand will not be infectious when you inevitably touch your face by accident. You still have to keep washing and sanitizing your right because sometimes you will touch something else with your right, but learning to become ambi for every movement except head touching requires concentration so it will be mentally challenging which might help break the anxiety focus.
Depression and anxiety go hand in hand in a vicious circle feeding off each other while ramping up the pressure on the victim, so it is important to seek ways to break out from their grip if you find that too much of your day is consumed by those 2. Perhaps learning a new ambi "skill" will lead to some interesting anatomical  puzzles to solve, such as unlocking your door while balancing groceries in the same hand.
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"Try to become ambidextrous so you touch doors, elevator buttons etc with your left because that way your right hand will not be infectious when you inevitably touch your face by accident."

That's a good tip, and one I hadn't thought of.

I'll pass on the ambidextrous tip. Good one!
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