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Does vaccine cause ED

Hey, I took my second dose of covid 19 vaccine July and then few days after, had erectile dysfunction while trying to make out, though had a stressful day at work a night prior to the intercourse. Currently been anxious and worried over the sudden ED and conditions declining at each failed intercourse, though most times of the months back I get erect but atimes I have problems with erection, already having performance anxiety from that.

Could it be am already suffering from performance anxiety or could it be the adverse effect of the vaccine? Which I strongly believe it is not
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Jessi, that's a good thing to point out.

Unfortunately, if the o.p. doesn't know if he ever had Covid, he isn't going to be able to test now to see if he had an undiagnosed case sometime in the past. But if he does know that he did once have Covid, definitely he should bring this up with the doc when discussing ED.

(That said, my thought is if he had Covid already, he wouldn't be asking whether the shot gave him ED, he'd just ask if Covid gave him ED. A person who has had Covid would always wonder if anything after it, came as a result of having it.)  But it's well worth posting this info both for him and for anyone else who does know they have had Covid and then finds themself with this problem.
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No, I didn't have covid or tested positive at anytime prior to taking the vaccine and post taking the vaccine.. thank you
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No, but covid itself could. Did you ever have it?





You should always see your doctor to rule out any physical causes of ED, and then you can focus on the psychological, if that's what is causing it.

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Physical causes already ruled out, BP 110/70mmhg, FBS 4mmol/L, nil past history of surgery..

A day prior( about a week post vaccination) to onset of ED had strong erection with intercourse then the next day, I got a weak erectile which got me thinking.. though worried but have occasional sustained erection but sometimes get weak and add more worries, and conditions deteriorating as I worried more.

I get erect spontaneously most times but uncontrollable anxious while in the bedroom.

Just wanted to clear some doubts and some fallacies online from your opinions.

I'm gradually getting over the anxiety cause can't really compare my feeling now to 2months ago though yet to get back to my 100% performance as occasionally I get anxious or rather have weak erection.
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