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Future of not being afraid of covid?

So, there is some science to support that Covid will peter out.   Viruses, in general, become less virulent over time. Because if they remain deadly, they kill off their hosts and have no place to replicate and spread. Kind of interesting thought.  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7095397/  Title of the article:  We shouldn’t worry when a virus mutates during disease outbreaks.  Mutations are an expected part of virology and often, they become less severe as it happens. Would be good news. Seems to be the case for the new covid variant out of South Africa as it is being said to be less severe.  Obviously not getting comfortable or anything, scheduled for my booster next week. But would be great news if this is the case as who doesn't want to see an end of the threat of covid world wide??  
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Yeah, we all talked about that on this forum way back when.  Seems like forever ago, though.  That's what probably happened to the cold -- it probably was quite lethal whenever it first crossed into humans.  Same with flu -- as bad as it sometimes is, for most of us it's not a big deal.  The difference, though, is that none of those diseases had a cure when they first appeared in humans.  This one does.  So while yeah, if we just live and die with this for the next however many years it takes for it to get milder, I guess it might, though given we don't yet know its origin it could get worse, too.  Delta was worse.  Omicron might be milder if preliminary reports out of South Africa stay true.  But this is also so highly contagious that even though a very low percentage die of it given the sheer numbers of people who are still getting it and have gotten it, it's a real killer and disabler.  I'm for not giving any hint of acceptance and using the vaccines we're so lucky to have and masking and social distancing as we should have done from the onset and maybe we can establish a new precedent where so many fewer people have to suffer needlessly.  We'll see.  
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And no, I don't mean we should be afraid of covid, just aware.  Statistics are showing that for a long time now most of the people getting really sick are right wing vaccine skeptics in every country in the world among those who are still recording high numbers of diseased people where vaccines are available.  If you listen to the docs interviewed, they will tell you almost everyone now in the ICU are unvaccinated, which makes nobody happy.  So don't be afraid, but do be wise, as you have been, Mom.  
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