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Having Covid and Anxiety

I was tested positive December 27th.

December 25th &26th, I had symptoms as follows

Muscle aches
Fever of 101 at its peak
Severe sore throat

December 27th -29th wet cough and sore throat.

I’m unvaccinated and I have serious anxiety issues. I have a sense of doom that’s indescribable. The day I tested positive someone from my high school which was a 42 year old male died from Covid bc he was placed on a ventilator. Now all I can worry about is having the same fate. I literally am wearing a oxygen meter 24/7 watching my levels which are an average of 97. My wet cough concerns me but it has improved. I feel ok today. Weak but moving around. I had a moment of trouble breathing but I emailed a doctor and they Asked my oxygen and it was literally 98-100 at the time of my breathing episode. I contributed it to my anxiety. Tomorrow I will go to urgent care and ask for a catscan but idk if that’s crazy. On top of all of this my girlfriend just recovered from Covid 15 days ago and today she’s feeling sick bc after she quarantined I visited her and I then became sick . Any advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated. My biggest fear is obviously death. Idk if I’m being irrational but Covid is scarier. Being sick is scary.
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Do know the man didn't die because he was put on a ventilator, he was put on a ventilator because he was dying.  Totally different thing.  I'm guessing the person had health problems you probably don't know about that made him more susceptible to covid.  If you're saying you're a high school student, do also know that at your age unless you have some severe health problems you haven't mentioned most likely you will not have a severe case of it.  However, because there are things you can do about it that must be done in the early stages if symptoms call for it, are you in contact with a doctor?  Have you seen one?  Also, a lot of urgent care facilities don't see covid patients, and they also don't do CT scans.  Those machines are very very expensive and usually you have to go to a hospital or certain radiology centers to get one, so don't expect you can just walk in and get one.  But if you're not having severe breathing problems, it's doubtful they'd give you one anyway as they'd want you to stay in isolation until your symptoms are gone for awhile.  You don't have symptoms of covid pneumonia, which is why the doc asked your oxygen levels and if they were suggestive of a bad problem he'd have told you to go in to a hospital.  What your are describing is the typical case of someone your age, which is a relatively mild illness you're making more because of your anxiety.  Just do what you'd do if you had any other virus, follow your doctor's orders, and chill so your body can heal, which at your age it probably mostly has already.  Anxiety just makes you suffer twice.  And dude, seriously, wear a mask, get vaccinated, don't be like that.  If everyone just had done that from the beginning we'd be out of this mess.  Peace.
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Sorry for the wrong choice of words . Yea I agree about the ventilator . I’m a 37 year old male but sometimes my anxiety feels like a high schooler . Today I have no fever and basically very little to no cough . I really don’t have no chronic or underlining medical history of severe issues . I def have anxiety n that sucks . Yesterday I was having trouble breathing for 5 min . My oxygen levels went up to 99-100 . I was told I was having an anxiety attack which is why my oxygen went so high . My average oxygen is 97 .  I feel like I’m on the trajectory to recovered but I read online to not be so sure that things can worsen …etc .  I hope not . I feel honestly 75%  .  I still don’t have much appetite but I ate today and just a bit tired but honestly I’m up and moving around at home  n talking . Thanks for the response . Hope all is well with you !
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I'm very sorry you're in this spot, and can imagine that it is all the more anxious because you aren't vaccinated. What you can do is take care of yourself and follow doctor's orders. If they say you are not sick enough to go to the hospital, stay home; and if they say you should go in, go in. I have never heard that a CAT scan is called for even when someone has Covid, I think there are lots of other things they do for Covid. Please try not to be so worried.
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(I'm assuming here that you are able to get to a doctor or other medical person on the phone as you need to.)
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I understand how you feel.  I had covid last January and had tremendous trepidation and fear.   I understand the anxiety this virus can bring and would never undermine how you feel.  I'm older, I have health conditions and the unpredictability of this virus can make it very scary.  I had an oxygen finger do diddy that I kept checking.  I checked my heart rate.  I was worried. I was sick for 10 straight days with fever (my whole family got it and I was the sickest). I lost my sense of smell and taste completely.  It still has not fully returned and it has been almost a year.  Getting worried this is permanent.  Miss my favorite Yankee candle scent.  Ha. But so much smells like bug spray to me now that it is very annoying.  Monitor your symptoms and there is usually a pattern. Between 5 and 10 days is when you can usually predict if you will become more severe or it will pass. You are almost there.  REST, get your fluids, take care.
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Mom, did you see that story about Yankee candles?  Is that what you're referring to?  If not, there is a guy who is studying the virus by Amazon reviews of Yankee candles.  During every spike in covid there is a spike in bad reviews of Yankee candles that they don't have any scent.  He's figured out they had covid and didn't know it so they couldn't smell anything.  
That's funny!  But how would the reviews show up on Amazon so fast? (Maybe he did it retroactively based on the dates of the reviews.)
I'm not the guy to ask about Amazon reviews, but most of the reviewers are in some way paid to do those reviews and so they do a lot of reviews and they do them fast.  I think mostly they get free stuff, not big money.  You'll notice most of them are "verified reviewers" which Amazon will say means one thing but which in reality some have admitted when called on by others that they seem to review a lot of products that do get some recompense for doing it.  But also, those spikes don't end quickly.  Each one, including the horrific one we're in now with omicron and what's left of delta, lasts a few months.  But I don't know his methodology, I just saw a news program mentioning this ongoing study.  I don't even know what a Yankee candle is, so again, not the person to ask about Amazon.  Not any weirder though than the people who more accurately reflect community spread by testing sewer water than what's reported by hospitals or tests.  
I don’t think Amazon reviewers are paid anything.  I’m asked to review every time I buy something from them (which is fairly often).  I don’t get paid anything for doing a review.  There are a lot of people that sell items through Amazon and reviews help the people that sell via Amazon so other buyers can know whether the item is as presented, worth the money.

To my knowledge a “verified reviewer” is someone who has actually purchased and used the item being reviewed.  
If you read enough reviews, Barb, you will see that sometimes someone gets caught for reviewing a whole bunch of, say, pillows and admit they are getting free pillows.  It's been in the news, it's not a new thing.  Amazon promised to stop doing it, but they are not a company I would trust.  They're sole purpose for existence is to put other companies out of business, and they will do whatever it takes to do that.  Consider that the company made no money for many years and yet during that time Bezos became a billionaire.  How did he do that?  Because people have him money for free.  If Sears got given the money Amazon has just to exist it would still be around.  Same with most modern tech companies, so I'm not singling out Amazon.  If you know Silicon Valley investors, all you need is a website and you don't need to make a dime, you can lose millions, and still become a billionaire by attracting free money.  It's kind of socialism by private capital rather than by gov't.  Other examples:  Tesla (only profitable the last few quarters yet Musk is the richest man in the world just from stock ownership), Air BnB, Lyft, whatever the other rid company is, and I could go on and on.  These folks do whatever it takes to eventually drive away competitors and make money because they have free money to toss around, and yes, Amazon did and still does find a way to pay reviewers.  Not you, of course.  Not me.  You have to review tons of products to get that.  And you'll have a hard time proving it.  But in truth, free merch isn't a lot of money to make.  Happy New Year, Barb.
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