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Hypersensitive after taking Covid vaccine. Coincidence?

Hi, I have just taken the first dose. I had sore arm around 5-10 minutes after being vaccinated, which is common.

However, I started feeling something was off after going back home. I noticed the same smell was at least 10x stronger than what I would normally feel. I find myself able to hear details of every sound, even if they are soft or located far away. Sounds also seem louder than it used to.

I was unable to enjoy certain foods due to its extraordinary strong taste compared to before I took the vaccine, but certain foods taste much more delicious than usual.

Is hyper sensitivity a common symptom post vaccination? What could be the cause of this? Will it get better?
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I haven't heard of this response, although anything is possible.  I actually HAD covid in January and to this date, my sense of smell is not normal nor is my sense of taste. It's 'there' but very subdued.  I had zero for several weeks which was good and bad.  You know I had NO appetite?  I lost some weight.  As soon as my smell/taste came back, I was right back to food longing.  Anyway, did you sign up for the after vaccine check in's?  They send you something each day and you respond filling out a little survey.  I had a strange thing likely a coincidence after each time I was vaccinated that made me have to go to the doctors each time.  I got a uti about 5 days after each injection.  I'm really sure it is a coincidence but I reported it in the survey.  Do you know the CDC called me for a report?  They take it seriously and even if unlikely, will follow up with you. the reason why you lose smell with covid (the illness) is that a nerve in that area is inflamed (so my doctor has told me). This causes you to lose smell and then you lose taste.  I have no idea how the shot could do that although it does cause an inflammatory response so "maybe".  Report it if you can.
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Just a thought, but did you get tested for covid before you got the shot?  Many have reported the vaccine can make a mild case of covid go away, or take away some of the side effects.  Some who have had loss of smell and taste got it back after getting vaccinated.  It's a stretch, but it might be the vaccine cleared up some things you had because you had covid and didn't notice.  Don't know, but might be.  But truth is, everyone has their own experience with all drugs and with food as well, so it could well be the vaccine did it.  Don't know, might be.
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