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Is the Covid booster free this time around?

It's always been free of charge in the US. I haven't heard yet if it will be administered free of charge as it has previously.
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The requirement to cover shots began immediately for the updated fall 2023 shots after they were greenlighted by the Food and Drug Administration, officials said, erasing a monthslong grace period private insurance companies typically have to implement new vaccines.
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It does look like they are trying to put something into place (Bridge Access Program that would entail funding vaccine programs) and they are encouraging private insurers to pay for shots as they do other vaccines.  I would hate for cost to be a barrier for those who want it!
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The Covid19 vaccine is not free in the U S. This year. But they take insurance, Medicare and I think MediCal or those on assistance. With insurance we didn't pay anything.
Our HMO gave it to us for free. Check with your health insurance provider.
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