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Need help!! whether to do a Tracheotomy for an ICU Covid-19 patient.

My grandpa was already in ICU for a week,80 years old, double lung infection and some pulmonary fibrosis, assisted by Ventilator. Although other medical indicators get a little bit better, his doctor recommends doing a Tracheotomy. This is a very hard choice for families, and because China just released the Covid-19 restriction, we do not have any experience in treating Covid-19 patients, even the doctor does.  I really need help to know whether the Tracheotomy is a good choice. Truly thankful anyone helps.

Need help!! whether to do a Tracheotomy for an ICU Covid-19 patient.
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Hi - we aren't doctors or medical professionals, so we're not in a position to assist with making major medical decisions like this.  Hopefully you can talk to the doctors and ask them why they are choosing a tracheotomy over ventilation.
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