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Would hyperbarics chambers oxygenize in a different way than ventilators, or is it the same thing? I declined admission 2yrs back when I had RSV (b) even though I felt a bit desperate for oxygen (and really sucked it down in the ER.) I was at 85% and left at 95%. I was surprised they don't send you home with prescribed oxygen. (Been wondering about those little canisters of oxygen they sell in catalogs, and those oxygen bars lol.) At the time, as my lungs filled, I kept fantasizing about the dental hygienist's suction tool!
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The issue with COVID is not just that patients are not getting enough oxygen.  In most cases the lungs are filled with fluid.  No amount of oxygen will allow fluid-filled lungs to absorb the oxygen.
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It seems like a logical question, but if hyperbaric chambers would help, wouldn't the issue for all these weeks have been "We need more hyperbaric chambers" and not "We need more ventilators"? It might be that the pressure in a hyperbaric chamber makes it harder for the lungs of people to function if they have acute respiratory distress syndrome.
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