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Post-Covid Breathing issues

I was infected with covid in aug. 2020 and then again in dec 2021.  The first time I had covid, symptoms were very mild, brief sinus headache and congestion but also had mild difficulty taking deep breaths, it was a tightness in the chest.  All my symptoms were gone in a few days except for the chest tightness and that weird issue where sometimes taking a deep breath was hard.  It got better over the next year or so but recurred on occasion (maybe once a week or so for a few hours).
When I got covid in Dec 2021, I had no symptoms except my chest again felt a little tight and the breathing issue became more frequent, every day. Mind you its not a major issue, but I am concerned about permanently damaging my lungs. The question I have is, would it be ok to go back to my normal workout routine (Crossfit, i.e. high intensity aerobic workouts) or will I possibly wreck my lungs? How long should i wait?  Anyone else had this issue?

The strange thing is my symptoms were SO mild but my chest is still experiencing tightness 1 month later (after my 2nd infection). Welcome any comments from those who may had a similar experience.

For background, I am a 29 yr old male, in great health and in excellent physical condition, I work out 5x or more per week at a crossfit gym.
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There's no way we can answer this for you. Have you been evaluated by a doctor? You could have all kinds of reasons why you have shortness of breath, including heart issues.

I would urge you to be evaluated. Chances are good it's not anything serious, but  there are pro athletes who have had serious complications, so young, very healthy, physically fit people aren't immune to them.

Good luck!
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Lots of long haul have mild symptoms then it comes back weeks later like I think you are saying you have. On the other hand Covid is often unpredictable so not simple to diagnose - therefore see doc as advised above.
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