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I'm a month removed from Covid. It started with an emergency room visit, They found blood and protein in my urine as I went in because I couldn't pee.One day later I developed upper respiratory Covid symptoms. Coincidence? Antibiotics cleared  up the infection as I retested two weeks later and all was clear. However I'm  now having to urinate constantly. I have test strips and no problems are showing up. Also my left flank hurts. Other than that I feel like I've recovered although I feel some dizziness here and there and brain fog.  I am a 68 year old male who was in great health before this infection got me. I had gotten 3 vaccine shots about a year ago but never bothered to get anymore. Has anyone any ideas what is going on with my urinating?
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Covid can affect the urinary tract.




You should definitely work with your doctor, perhaps a urologist.

Covid is a systemic infection, and long covid can affect any part of your body. My guess is that the brain fog and dizziness are part of that, though you'll want to rule out other causes.

I hope you feel better soon.
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Also, you'll want to rule out something else causing your urinary symptoms.

A lot of things can cause blood and protein in the urine, and some are a lot more serious than covid.
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