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Who is getting the latest booster when it's available?

I get my flu shot every year. I've gotten all the covid boosters. Was on the fence with this latest one. Thoughts? Who is getting the boost? What are your concerns if you aren't?
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I was a fit and healthy person until two years ago when I got my first covid jab.  Using a walker since then and that was two years ago.  No definite diagnosis only lots of medical bills.  Have not had any jabs since then for obvious reasons.  The mandated jab, that was my only option, has now been withdrawn from use in my country.  Interesting that all I am told is that this is coincidence.  I am trying hard to believe this.
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There is nothing you put in your body that is 100% safe for everyone. I'm guessing EBS has been ruled out? Did you have covid? Long covid has been ruled out?

I'm sorry that you're experiencing so much pain.
Also adding that I don't know what vaccine you got, but the vaccines that the US has the booster for are the mRNA and those have very few side effects. I don't know what's happening in other countries.

I'm not at all suggesting that you get another one, but just in case anyone else is reading this, I wanted to be clear on that.
I googled EBS as I have never heard of it.  I have a balance disorder due to a semi-paralysed right leg.  Nothing like the symptoms listed for EBS.
I have never had covid despite having my one and only covid vaccine two years ago.  
Not in any physical pain but the semi-paralysed right leg has destroyed my quality of life greatly.
Having read and listened to many patient experiences on websites like ReAct19.org, Coverse,  and listened to Dr.John Campbell on youtube, Dr.Aseem Malhotra an English cardiologist, Dr.Charles Hoffe in Canada to name a few - I have decided for myself that any more covid vaccines are definitely not an option for me.  I am only sharing my personal experience - making suggestions to others is something I would never attempt to do either.
I'm sorry this happened to you. That's hard, radar7.  
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I'm getting the latest Covid booster. I've had Covid once and don't want it again.
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Like you I get the flu shot every year.  One year I didn’t and got very sick, almost hospitalized but thankfully recovered.  

My plan is to get the flu shot in a couple weeks and then the Covid one 2 weeks after.  

I know there is a lot of anxiety out there about it though.  But that is my plan.
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