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Your nostrils...

I saw on Today show this week where they are now recommending people blow their nose right before their nasal swab to have an accurate viral load for testing. The hairs in your nose are the front line defence of your body, but they also become the retainer/incubator... Runny nose? Don't sniff. Don't snort. Don't swallow. (You have to breathe lol which is why I have wiped out my nostrils with tissues dampened with mouth wash from the very beginning of this disorganized ineptly managed pandemic.)
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Blowing before the swab was new to me...

Coulda,Shoulda,Woulda? Many things have been disproven, proven, disproven...

I was watching the live White House press conference when Dr Fauci said 'Don't wear a mask' in March 2020.  

Anyway, I have never waited to be led by the nose :-)

Here is a link to another nostrils intervention substance:


(No problems with wiping out nostrils with mouthwash so far... and the good news is I found my recalled advanced whitening toothpaste on Amazon.)  
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Just to clarify, Dr. Fauci didn't say not to wear a mask because it wouldn't work, he said it very early in the pandemic when masks were not available because of the run on them for hospital staff.  As soon as industry ramped up production, he told everyone to wear them.  We didn't.  And so here we are.
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They have always recommended blowing your nose before testing.

From 2020:





Haven't we already covered that mouthwash in your nostrils hasn't been proven to do anything, and may be harmful? We are an evidence based site. There is no evidence that this does anything.

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Well, it will dry out his nose and probably lead to nosebleeds.
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