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post covid symptoms

I tested positive for covid 19 5 weeks ago and negative test about 3 weeks ago however I am still experiencing post covid symptoms of nasal congestion, runny nose ,sore throat and tiredness. I have been prescribed amoxycillin antibiotics for a suspected bacterial infection however after 1.5 courses of this no improvement in symptoms. Please could someone advise me of what to do next and what treatments could be available for the post nasal drip which seems to be causing all these issues thank you
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I have also gotten Covid for about 1 month and 1 week and am still experiencing weird side effects like elevated heart rate and a tickle in my throat cough. Had a lot of diarrhea due to it too. Honestly, not all doctors are well informed on long covid and how to treat it. I've gone to my primary doctor twice already and was not 100% and I don't expect to be 100% not for at least 3 months. I say 3 months because I have also seen a cardiologist due to the irregular heart rhythms and PVCs (thanks Covid) and he said all his patients my age usually get better at the 3-month point. But that is my specific symptoms and the weird brain fog thing I get on and off.

I'm including a link for long covid treatment center at John Hopkins if you have more questions.


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Thank you for the link
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It's possible you're going into long covid.

Have you tried anything to just manage the symptoms? Do you have seasonal allergies?

I'd ask for a referral (if you need one) to see an ear, nose and throat specialist.

I'm sorry you're going through this - whether it's long covid or allergies or something else, I'm sure it's miserable.
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Thank you for your message hopefully an allergy or infection and not long covid
I'm also having the same problem.  I got covid 5 weeks ago and recovered within 8 days but the post nasal drip is still lingering with minor one sided stuffy nose on and off.  The post nasal drip seems like it drips less at times and more other times so it is also on and off but doesn't seem to go away.  When there is a lot I would cough and sometimes it would coat my throat or get stuck there and I have to clear my throat constantly or try to hack it up by coughing.  It is annoying and miserable. I am currently taking Claritin for two weeks now and just started Nasonex a steroid nasal spray. I'm hoping it will go away soon.

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