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Hey ladies! Question about V-Backs!!

Well as we all know not everything is the same here in Canada as the rest of the world.... The reason Im asking all of you!

I am going for a V-Back (vaginal birth after cesarean). I have not been able to talk to my dr. about it much lately but he is referring me to a OBGYN but I dont get to see him until August 16th (Im due Sept. 8th) and I would like to ask more about the v-back.
So far all I have heard is that I will not be able to get out of the bed because I HAVE to be monitored. Does anyone know anything more about this??
I would really like to know what else I am looking at!
Thank you
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I had a VBAC with my second and everything went great. There are a few things that are different with the VBAC from a normal first labour and here they are (FROM MY EXPERIENCE):
1) they won't induce you so if you go overdue by more than 8 days, I think they'll make you go for a repeat csection. I was 5 days overdue but it was a weekend and they booked for the WED if I didn't have baby before.
2) they really don't want to give the epidural so if you make it to 8cm without it they probably won't give you one (I didn't have one).
3) you are monitored throughout but you don't have to be in bed.  They verbally ask you where and how you feel the pain and they say you can TELL if you're rupturing.
4) Once contractions are consistent and getting progressively stronger, they'll probably get you to come to the hospital (earlier than most other 1st timers because they want to make sure you and baby are safe throughout).
5) they'll have an OBGYN on call and checking in on you so they can assess how your labour is going.
6) IF they think you aren't progressing in the right way, they'll tell you that they suggest a csection.  (I was close but I told them NO!!!! I've gone this freakin far, I'm pushing this kid out!) OUT HE CAME.

Hope this helps! My delivery was difficult (3rd degree tears! TMI) but, it was worth it and I'm really glad I got to experience labour and delivery because my first baby was breech and csection was the only choice because he was 9lbs!
Both ways have their positives but go for it and good luck!
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Thank you so much! I am finally going to get to meet the OB on Monday... I have so many questions! I live about 30-40 min. way from the hospital so I am really happy that I will finally get some more answers!
With my first I did get to 9cm but then I was told to push by the nurses and I swelled back to 3.... :/
Im sure it could have been totally avoided! I am very worried about tearing as I have horrible stretch to my skin. I really want the vbac, my DH works away and I have a 3 (4 year old in Sept.) year old. I have NO help so having another c section is kind of out of the question! ;)
Once again thank you!!!
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No problem! Hope all goes well and good luck with everything.
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