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Just completed IVF. Need support getting through this 2ww

Hi Everyone. I am 34 yrs old. From Kitchener Ontario. My DH and I have been TTC for 2 yrs now. I have had 2 failed IUI's and have moved onto IVF. I just had my transfer 4 days ago. I did not respond well to the drugs, and only had 4 eggs all of which ferilized with the ICSI procedure. 2 embryos were transferred that were 8 and 9 cell, grade 2. The other 2 were 6 cell and grade 2, and I received the phone call today that they did not make it to the blast stage to freeze. I have had a really rough day with this as I  feel like we lost our back up plan. We have just spent over $20,000 the past 6 months, and money is officially running out. I am trying to maintain positive thoughts that this transfer worked, but it is really hard. I hope I hope I hope!!! Anyone else out there have any advise for me, or just want to talk about this and get eachother through the painful 2ww?!
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Hello, My name is Tracy, I too live in Kitchener and am 35.  I so get the 2 WW I have had 4 failed IUI's and have been unable to come up with the funding for IVF\ICSI.  However I am available if you would like to chat, send me a message.  I do know the importance of having someon who gets it to cry with talk too vent too etc.  This board is a great place.  Although I am no longer in my 2 ww My husband and I have been TTC'ing for almost 8 years.  Send me a private message if you wish.  Maybe get together if you like.

Hang in there, I know it is hard.
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I'm also from Kitchener, ladies ;-)

I just wanted to lend my support to you both (and anyone else who's going through this.  I have 2 little boys (aged 3.5 years and 4.5 months).  I'm praying you'll both get your BFPs soon ((hugs))
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I am from Cambridge
i also just wanted to send my support and prayers that you get your bfp's very soon!!!!!!!!
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I am from Toronto and I am hoping for both you ladies to get your BFP. We are all hear to support you and listen to you!
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Thanks for the support Ladies, I work in TO and have been traveling for my job, so Positive Thoughts got her BFP and well I of course am still awaiting mine!  I have waited 8 years and am starting to loose hope (tried dilligantly off and on that train, and now well back on the train again)  I have an appointment to see yet another specialist but that is not until October so.......here goes again!
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