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Just introducing myself

Hi there!!  Thanks for starting this group, it's great to meet some of my fellow canucks!!  My name is Amanda and I live in Calgary.  I am a new and first time mom to a beautiful 11 week old baby boy.  Looking forward to reconnecting with some of you I already know, and meeting new people.  
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Hey Amanda!! How's Ryder doing? Hope you're enjoying every minute of him!! :o) Won't be long now (maybe too soon) and we'll have our newest little bundle! :o)
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Welcome to the group! Im Teddi and I live in Red Deer Alberta!
I know what its like to not get the answers we are looking for and although we may always have an answer at least we are in the same country!

*I have a 3 year old son and I am 19 weeks pregnant. This is my 3th pregnancy, I m/c in Jan. 09.
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Hello Amanda!

My name is Sandi and I am from just outside Toronto - (Ajax) and my Hubby and I are currently TTC #2... We already have a little baby boy 8 months old named Hunter.  He is the most wonderful thing in our lives.  I was glad to have a Canadian Group to talk to because Hunter has Down syndrome, and while I know that my situation is likely one of the more unique ones, in that I will find lots of Canadian friends, not too many will have children with Ds.  But, since we are TTC #2, any concerns I have with the doctors, you all will likely be able to relate.  

Hopefully we can all help one another out!

Sandi  (Dragon1973)
Down syndrome Group Founder/Moderator
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