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Just wanted to say Hi to everyone and see how things are going!!!

Well, Im not on here much....
So I thought I would pop on over and say HI! Hope everyone is well and finding the answers they need! I just found out that if I do choose to have an epidural with the vbac that is no problem!! (Not that I really want one...yet)

I also just wanted to make sure that everyone knows if you come across another Canadian out there (ok even men) let them know about the group! The more Canadians we have the better our questions will be answered!!

Take care everyone!!!
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   I am now 35w3days and starting to get excited and nervous! Excited to have my son and nervous for the same reason. I am really thinking too much about labour and the pain and such....I actually cant wait to go into labour...i am excited because I know once it happens it will be only a matter of time before I get to see my little guy!

   I am sick of being pregnant...I have gained so much weight and am afraid I wont be able to take it off, also I cant bend over anymore and that is becoming such a pain for me....and peeing all night long...arg I want it over with....9 months is way too long....

I have almost everything I need for this baby.....just need a change table and I am pretty much set! YAY.....me and my boyfriend cant stop taling about what we hope he looks like and whose facial features he'll have and which ones we hope he doesnt have...lol....I am so looking forward to the first time I can see him....its funny because everyone wanted me to wait to find out the sex of the baby because it is the best surprise you can have...but I think seeing them for the first time and seeing what they will look like is an even bigger surprise........OH I JUST CANT WAIT!!!!!
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I hear ya about being excited but scared! I can tell you though with my son and this pregnancy I went through stages... At first I was terrified, then excited and happy then I just stopped thinking about it all. I knew it would happen and that was that. Then I went into labor! lol
Im getting to that point where Im just really ok with everything, so I am a little worried I will go into labor soon!
Oh and am I ever happy to hear that someone else thinks like me!!!!!!!! Although we didnt find out this time what we are having to me the biggest surprise to me is what that baby will look like! Everyone thought I was crazy when I told them that! Oh well, Im not the only one!
Good Luck and keep me/us posted!!
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