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I want to die! It has been the worst heatwave ever! I have not been able to keep myslef cool and I am ready to explode! Any ideas on how to keep cool?
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U dont have AC???
oH mI!
Do you have a mall around you?
Library? Grocery store even!
Blow up pool lol

I have AC so I cant complain!
But I really do love this heat. And yes even the humidity!
My hubby put up one of those big blow up pools!
He went in it today after work lol!

It rained so hard today and it cooled evrything off. Now just buggy! BLAH!!!!
Where are you?
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Man it was BOILING in Ottawa. The day I bought a kiddie pool (yup was that desperate) my landlord came to install the AC unit. So now it's nice and cool .

I feel sorry for you guys in 3rd trimesters ick. That must be brutal.
Get a kiddie pool, I got mine for $20 at giant tiger.

I might still use it if it continues like it's been. Regardless of AC.
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I found a really cool kid pool that sprays water outta the flower on it!
Its a good size too!
I'm 32 weeks preggo right now! I'm just loving this weather! Its been too long since we've had a great summer! Im not complaining at alll!!!!
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It has been soooooo hot here in BC! Was up around 42C today, BLAH! I spend most of the day in the AC, and then around 3 I'll usually go sit in the river near our place when it's just after the scorching-most part of the day so I don't get burnt to a crisp haha.

Thank god for AC, I would have died this pregnancy otherwise because I'm also getting hot flashes lately, so I'm burning from the inside as well hahaha.
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I have been really thinking about investing in a small kiddie pool! LOL I have A/C but sometimes pools just look sooo tempting!!
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