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After surgery Discussion

Histopathology Report

Gross description

Recieved a speciman of left lung measuring 20 X 12 X 3 cm. External surface is unremarkable. On sectioning , a soft to firm white tumour measuring 3 X 2.4 X 1.3 cm is seen. It is 0.3 cm away from the pleura and 2 cm away from vascular cut margin. Adjacent lung parenchyma is unremarkable.

Received separately-
1. Bronchial  Cut Margin- Bronchial  Cut Margin measuring 1 X 1 cm, Grossly unremarkable.
2. AP Window node- Recieved single node measuring 1 cm in diameter, grossly unremarkable.
3. para-aortic node- 2 nodes dissected, largest measuring 1 X 0.7 X 0.5 cm, grossly unremarkable.

1. Tumour-4
2. Adjacent cut margin-1
3. Vascular cut margin-1
4. Bronchial cut margin-1
5. AP Window node-1
6.Para-aortic node-2

Microscopic Description

Left lung lobectomy
1) Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of left lung
2) The overlying pleura is uninvolved
3) Necrosis is seen
4) Lymphovascular emboli and perineural invation are not seen
5) Bronchial cut margin is free of tumour.
6) Adjacent lung parenchyma shows partial collapse
7) AP window node- Single node negative for metastasis is seen
8) Para-aortic nodes: Two nodes negative for metastasis are seen.

Left lung lobectomy:- Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of left lung with reactive regional nodes.


1] What are the chances of cancer getting back.?
2] What precosions needs to be taken?
3] what kind of routine checkups needed ?
4] what dieat i should follow ?

Thank You
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