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IV grade glioma brain tumor

Thanks for replying to my email -- I live in Vancouver and my brother is at the Cross Cancer Clinic in Edmonton.  They said that gamma knife was not an option.  You said there was a good cancer hospital in Toronto, could you give me the name of it.  I will send his records there and see what they say.  He is on his fourth week of chemo and radiation now, and he is bedridden -- we wanted to go alternative and conventional, but the doctors there say no.   He will be finished his radiation and chemo in two weeks and then they want to put him somewhere so he can get rehabilitated, but unless the tumor shrinks it won't help him much.  On the report it says "right cerebellar tumor infiltrative margin of high grade glioma with grade IV astroytoma.  I know that that is a very agressive cancer.  Would gamma knife surgery help him?
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The difficulty with answering the question completely, is that we do not have the ct scan or detailed information in order to determine if gamma knife or other surgerical options are available.

Toronto has a national cancer institute and cancer hospital where you can go with your brothers pathology reports, slides, xrays and xray reports.  IT would be best if your brother could attend the second opinon meeting as well

Take care
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