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Kitten with Leukemia

I have fallen in love with a kitten that someone just dumped at my house.  When I found her she was so sick, runny nose, eyes, ears and sneezing.  She has taken 3 rounds of antibotics and many tubes of L-Lysine.  She is not active at all, only walks slowly.  The majority of the time she is sleeping.  She still has running eyes and nose but not as bad as before.  I think her ears still bother her but they are not running any longer.  But the poor baby can not meow, she tries but nothing comes out.  She eats good and loves her dish of milk.  Is there anything else you can tell me that I can help her with.  My vet she can live a very long time and I want her to.  She loves me to hold and cuddle her she is so sweet.  Anything please !
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The loss of her meow, runny eyes and sneezing is likely related to her being a stray and not being vaccinated for herpes virus and the other viruses covered by the initial vaccination series. If your vet did begin her initial shots then her meow should return and her runny eyes and sneezing should stop.

I am sorry to hear about her leukemia test results but want you to know that nearly 1/3 of cats that test positive for Leukemia tests initially revert to negative in their second test. I personally have had several clients whose cats reverted to a negative or normal status.

The fact that she has a good appetite is excellent. We have had success in kittens like yours building up internal immunity and boosting overall health and wellness with organic commercial or home made diets and balanced natural vitamin-mineral supplements, some of which also contain the L-Lysine.

Please keep us posted and if you need additional advice I am glad to help.
Thank you
Dr Carol Osborne, DVM
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Thank You so much for responding.  My little Kitty Annie died during the night last night. I had such a bond with her that I felt it all day yesterday I think that is why I sent the questions.  She died on her pillow during the night.  I held and rocked her before I went to bed like I did every night and she would cuddle under my neck.  I noticed her breathing was not good but I just thought maybe it was because of her cold.  She drank her warm milk and she and I went to bed.  When I woke she was gone.

Thank You for your help thou.
I really should know not to get attached but I just can't help myself.  This has made me not want to have anymore pets.  I have 4 other grown cats and 2 kittens I rescued.  But I am not sure I have the heart anymore.  But I will again in a few days.

One of the kittens has horrible dirreaha she will not use the litter box. It is almost like she can't control it.  She starts and then runs leaving a trail for me to clean. Please help once I get that taken of I am going to try real hard to find them a home.

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I just wanted to say I am sorry for your loss.  It is amazing how quickly these little lives can affect us!  Thanks for trying to take care of her and I am sure she is in a better place fondly remembering your care of her.
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I am so sorry for your loss. You are an angel for taking care of these cats/kittens.  I think that little Annie is angel too whose soul has just passed to another dimension, still loving and appreciated everything you did for her.

Cat Lover with Cats
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Thank you for the kind words, I am still crying over the loss.  She just appeared one day in my flower bed.  I think she was a angel sent to me she gave me so much love and I just miss her so much.  I have to say that it was the most wonderful strange pet experience I have ever had.  I think I will remember her forever and feel the relationship she and I had.  The day that she died during the night while I was at work I just kept getting a feeling that she was going to die and I was so afraid she would be passed when I got home but there she was waiting for me.  You just would have to have know here.  She was wonderful and I am selfish because I know she is better off but I would much rather have her with me.  Oh well.  She was a lil Angel to me on earth and I know she is one now.  I said I will not do this again, no more sick kitties, but if one shows up tomorrow in my flower bed I will do the same again.  

Thanks again.
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Dear Bobbie,

I am truly sorry and want to express my sympathy and understanding to you.

If you are still having diarrhea problems with your other kitten I would be glad to help.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM.
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