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Mast Cell tumor in dog ?

I had a grade 2 mast cell tumor removed from my dog's inner leg, close to abdomen back in January. She has been fine since then til about 3 wks ago when I noticed her entire lower belly area was red, inflamed, and there were a lot of lumps. It seemed to come up suddenly. She was licking the area constantly. I can't really tell where I defined lump would be because they appear to be everywhere. She is on prednisone and prilosec now. When we tried to wean her off the prednisone to every other day, the licking immediately started again. Our vet just wants to watch it for now.

I am very concerned. I know mast cell tumors release histamine. Does it sound like that may be the case with her now? Does she likely have a re-growth of a tumor in one of those areas where we feel the lumps? I am just very worried about her and wondered if anyone has gone through something similar. She is acting totally normal. She is a 34lb black dog (was a stray) that we estimate to be 7 y/o. I'd appreciate any thoughts on what we should pursue!
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I hope she's ok now and that they are closely monitoring it.  If you can arrange for human type of medical treatment and go for it.

I lost a dear little friend a couple years ago and I thought it was under control when it returned with a vengance.  I would have done anything however the powers were not with us.

Good luck to you.
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